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Hi texastee, is it for the canadian and US market?

Or do they import this muesli here?

Hi Kaptn, no, at present this muesli is not available in Europe.

Grundsätzliche Frage: soll jetzt nicht Julie Aurora selbst als "brand character" fungieren?( Video) Dann würde sich das Signet von Mom ja erübrigen. ( Jedenfalls auf der Vorderseite)

Hallo, ist eigentlich schon bekannt, welche Hauptzutaten die neue Sorte "Slim" enthalten wird?

Would it be possible to add the (textual) information to be printent on the package to the briefing? For me it's always annoying and a waste of time to work with dummy text if the real content is already available. I think it's not a must to include the complete text for the design, but there are probably guidelines from the canadian market we should/have to consider and which are useful to know when designing a package...

plötzlich waren da ganz viele uploads von mir. wär toll,wenn die überflüssigen ohne bilder wieder gelöscht werden könnten:)

hi luzienele, kannst du die uploads nicht selbst in den müll ziehen? ich glaube das müsste innerhalb von 24 stunden gehen-idee bearbeiten und dann weg damit. ;-D

luzienele + mavin - Ideen sind jetzt gelöscht.

An alle: Ich werde die noch offenen Fragen so schnell wie möglich klären.

Your questions and Julie's Answers:

  • can you tell us the ingredients of the new slim müsli?

I don't have the ingredients yet! The shape of the cereal is like an 'o' and it will have fruit in it. To use any of the other photos for this one that is ok also! This is one that we're formulating right now.

  • can/ should the mom´s signet be refined and more focus be put on you as brand-character?

Change anything you like! I am not attached to the signet!

Also, some text to use on the packaging is now available in the downloads section.

One more feedback from Julie: She asks you to remember that her product is not really a muesli, but more like a 'cereal'. (See Engl. briefing: 'this cereal deserves to be seen)

(The difference, I suppose, is that a cereal contains less small, granola type grains but more of the larger, flake-type. We translated it as 'Müsli' in the German version of the briefing, not realizing the subtle difference.)

She asks you to consider this when visualizing the product, and think of the implications this might have for packaging.

Thank you, texastee. This is a fact we really need to considerate when designing. As I already commented, some of the top-rated design just won't meet the requirements for this cereal with large flakes. On one hand, simple bags are not stiff enough the protect the flakes from being crunched while being transported. On the other hand, an opening as presented by tiborplus with his tetrapak will be very annoying when trying to pour the cereals out. I don't want to bash those ideas, I just think one has to think about practical reasons before designing (and voting for) a nice, smart design. If my points are not valid, please correct me.

There´s one thing I would like to let you know. Last weekend I got to know a German economy prof, who has been living in Canada for the last few years. Of course I took the opportunity to ask him about cereal packaging in his country. He told me that environmental awareness has been developing in Canada only recently - it´s actually a new subject there and people are quite interested in recycling. When I asked him whether recycled paper for a cereal package would be a good idea, his answer was: "Yes, definitely." I wanted to share that with you, because in our discussions we tend to take the "German view", regarding recycled paper as something old fashioned rather. Perhaps we should reconsider that, as in Canada the situation seems to be different.

is USDA the standart organic-sign, isn't there something pictural ? / what does COR and TM/MC on the packaging mean, isn't it a SM & why so much text on the pack - it's about... ? / and this yellow flower on blue stands for what, in detail ? regards_

whats about dual language on packaging, right now?

i like the 2nd layout seen on cbcnews more, can you make some still-photos public and one of yourself+your mom and why is the 2nd product line differ (logo/ design) ?

  • show the illustration really your mon - can you publish a photo thats able to vectorize ?

warm regards, thx.

How do I upload my ideas for this contest...sorry..nubie here!

Hi dcanon!

sorry but the contest has closed. You are to late. Now there 6 days to vote. Try another Contest or Vote!


Ah, ok.

Thanks for the response! Just signed up so I will keep an eye on other contests.

Thanks again.

Scheint wohl was schief zu laufen, der Contest ist doch schon seit 30 min beendet oder? jetzt zählt der Zähler hoch. Ursache vielleicht die Zeitumstellung?

Stimmt - normalerweise kann man nach Ablauf des Contests nicht mehr voten aber ich Kann bzw. könnte noch....

Ich habs testweise mal probiert, ich kann noch voten, und jetzt sind es 44min zeit zum bewerten vorher waren es noch 30 min :-)

Also bei mir zählt er runter... Noch 6 Min... ? ;)

hmmm, kann immernoch bewerten...

ich auch... ?!? :D

Glückwunsch an alle Müsli-Cracker-Gewinner ... und Grüße an die Mom!

...von mir auch: Glückwunsch an alle Mitgewinner!! :-D, hat total Spass gemacht der Contest.