Mom’s Muesli Boxes


At first as in my other layout:
All in all the design of the present packages seems a little bit �busy�, particularly in the lower area. Several elements compete for attention. At a second sight comes clear which kind of product it is.

While the company is named »Mom�s Healthy Secrets« Mom has to be represented more eye-catching on the packages. Not on the back but on the front.
-> Mom becomes part of an eye-catching placed brand

The product names seem to be too small. They will be indentified at a second sight.
-> Placing the product names big and eye-catching

I prefer the description »Muesli« because for me it has a bigger relation to health, naturalness, fitness than �Cereals�.

A modern picture of the product in front of a light-coloured and friendly background shows muesli in a bowl. That strengthens naturalness and appetite appeal.

The box has a square base.

Colours and respectively the �natural� patches are kept to ensure recognition of the present packages.

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