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Mom's Healthy Secrets makes not just another high-tech conveniance-food product. It's a product created by Julie's mom and brought to everyone by the daughter - why should it look like just any cereal package, filled by any big company.
The cereal from mom is somewhat handcrafted and should also look like it.


The concept

The idea is to combine the traditional character of mom with the young innovative style of Julie. Since the recipe is created by mom and the brand names is "mom's healthy secrets", there has to be a design that looks handcrafted and authentic, which was missing for the old design. Julie however is young and modern, therefore, the package cannot look too old-fashioned.

The package

The packaging is a box crafted from a hybrid-material.

The upper main part is made from rough cardboard to represent mom's personal, homelike character. The bottom part containing the logo is white cardboard with a high-gloss finish, adding a fresh, modern look which stands for Julie's youth.

A window, showing the content, is integrated into the box. It covers two sides to obtain a dynamic, vibrant feel.

I used the box rather than the bag for several reasons:

  • For practical reasons, a paperbag as used by several other submissions is not ideal for a muesli like this: Paper does not protect the cereals from moisture and the product can lose its crunch.
  • To protect the muesli from beeing crunched to dust, the product usually is sealed in a air-filled plastic bag. This usually doesn't look very attractive, so it's packed into a cardboard box, which is the concept here as well.
  • The design fits to a box better than to a bag

The design

Font and graphical elements look like they were painted by hand onto the box, just like mom would have decorated the wrapping herself.
Fotos of the ingredients add a modern touch to the design to emphasize the modern, fresh aspect of Julie and the product.

Other Products may be presented shortly.

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