Mix your Muesli


The container  has two compartments - one with the KEY ingredients like berries and dried fruits etc (see website). and the other compartments contains the basic ingredients such as oats etc.

The consumer can mix his muesli himself according to his personal taste.  It is also possible to mix with other sorts from our muesli range. ???  

The advantages of the two compartments are:

  1. One is able to treat oneself to an extra portion of the KEY ingredients.
  2. Or leave out the KEY ingredients  (some consumers pick out the rasins, or don't like dried fruits)
  3. The ingredients are well mixed.  The ingredients in conventional packaging separate themselves - the heavier ingreidents fall to the bottom of the packet and the lighter ones like dried fruit are always at the top. See picture 
  4. One can use the ingredients separately by ,for example,  garnishing a yoghurt with the KEY ingredients.  

Consumers will have many more ideas.  

Of course the muesli can also be eaten ready mixed as conventional muesli.  

The packaging is of a modern organic design.  The container is cardboard with a transparent plastic lid.

Idea mymuesli.com, pictures for Layout

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