2nd entry gives MOM's a fresh, unspent and eclectic redesign, beside the illustrated face is intended to work with a seal and signature as well as highlighted colors as key visuals, too. 

the brave package is clear below the line, is designed to sort in storage racks outstanding with the small side in front, with a slim-fit attitude - in a novel  way.

the pack itself is extraordinary conical and perforated - the cut out key-hole is also the split-mouth for the cerals in an just angle to cut-off pp-bag, the top is folded. the product is recloseable, the pack with a nib, the bag with a clip. all facts will printed on the small backside, just in 2c at all or 3c by over-printing alternate craft-paper version -for elegant inside look- with with.

 as claim is suggested: "y'r fitness maker (made with love)"

explore the secrets, the reduce designed package should set a touch-impuls for couriosity, once in hand - then in basket.

to transport a manufacture-tradition - a control-note will be in the cereals-bag, numbered and with a 'MOM loves U!' note.

for corporate communication you could set a blog, with a MOM's diary and interview and if you like Mizuno - why not a MOM's meets Mizumo edition, in the Mizumo CD, with M-cuted flakes - big in japan...

� MOM loves U!  � 

ps: please vote consciously and non in micro-communities.


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