tasty deluxe


3rd entry base on an all over-printed tasty
packaging with a seal-metaphor.

the 2 chamber box is pre-perforated to swing
open. both boxes are well designed to house
fruits and cereals apart, with a extra portion
fruits as USP esp., but the boxes can also use
for same filling with extra-freshness-effect
(USP) nor for new test-mixes.

Mom's has secreats, OK. but the ingredients
are well known, so novel 2 real secrets, inbet-
ween the boxes covered - a mini bag cinnamon
(well healthy, too) and a mini candy bar, made
from the cereals and may powered by Mizuni.
(ensure secrets as Mom's new distincive mark)

new is also to introduce thematic photos as
key visuals to give the product a dynamic,
extraordinary modern look and feel, enjoy.

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