Mom´s Secret of Healthy



The target audience does not select groceries based on branding and design any more, but based on ingredients and trust instead. We trust foods prepared by Mom - or even better - Grandma. I am therefore aiming to visualize "those times" with the relaunch, when tin boxes filled with dependable cereals or dry fruits existed. Additionally I believe, the main intention should not be to stand out in the supermarket, but to capture a (more enduring) place in the kitchen. This will only be possible using a reductive design tailored to fit the target audiences taste and to blend in with "conscious" kitchen surroundings.

Inside the tin box, that will be only temporarily available as a give-away, there should be a refill pack in the same CD to communicate ecological awareness. Preferential would be transparent, biodegradable (and environmentally friendly) plastic, as there is nothing to hide, but much to show.

A defining common characteristic of the target audience is an aversion against sensory overload. Therefore two elements will be dominating the design: "made by whom?" and "what?". This is likely to be reciprocated with a purchase decision and whoever wants to know more can turn the tin box - a habit well established among contemporaries paying attention to a healthy diet.

Even though I'm not fully satisfied with the logo, authentic graphics "Mom's style" would not be suitable and, more importantly, this is not a market launch. The logo at least should assume the brand recognition role.

This draft is deliberately not fully completed, the client is invited to get in contact with me for the final artwork of the full product-range.

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