I See Cereals!


We buy water, jam and many other products in glass containers. Why not cereal? This package provides guarantees for attention, the product is completely visible and packaged in environmentally clean.

New version:
The new design is reduced as the first. The muesli here is still more prominent. As a visual element used here bubbles which sit above the Moms logo. These bubbles could also be used in the rest of the wonderful CD, or to speak as a special once the cereal: "Get us out of here!" etc. .. :) Anyway: "Cause Mom Knows Best!

Old version:
The glass is labeled as with a permanent marker of "Mom". Otherwise, the design is very reduced on the reverse side is a small book on a string with all further product information. The metal cover is held in addition to the text information in the color of passing the wanted trademark.

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