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Cool Contest! This could be fun :-)

Könnte ein toller Contest werden - Was ist mit Produkt-Design ist das auch möglich ?

Yes - product design is also allowed!

how about a flight out to New York? :)

@alexandersimple what do you mean? The main prize is a flight to New York OR Berlin - from wherever you are in the world! :)

ah.. didn't see the 'or'. this will be fun, thanks!

yes, we think so too! The last one we did (For Glory) was a blast... and it really allows you to get to know the other community members better..

Fly to NY - hmm I still have one left : P

... und ich warte immer noch auf meinen offiziellen Gutschein für nen Wochenendaufenthalt in Würzburg ;-) ...

I have my voucher : P - but no time yet.

... mein vergilbter Laserausdruckbriefvoucher von jovoto hängt schick gerahmt überm Schreibtisch ... :-) ... würd mich mal interessieren ob die anderen drei Leuts schon würzburgen waren. :-)

ich war schon mal da ; ) sehr schön da, wirklich herrlich. Allerliebst.

... wie clever von dir meine nächste Frage schon so zu umsegeln :-D ...

würd mich auchmal interessieren... wer hat den damals nochmal die würzburg-gutscheine bekommen?

I miss you guys. let's get it on.

perrooo.... !! :) can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve!

being sent to new york is more of a punishment than a prize.

no need to look so sad, come to Berlin ;-)

what does "€50*** | sold idea" mean?

€50000 for sold idea?!

the wording is just an artifact from the challenge template. but you still get 50 euros.

@bringyourwonbooze - would be nice, but in this case the stars mean:

only €50, because it is a limited license, the motiv is to be applied for the printing of t-shirts only, and in no other context.

i'll be first in line if you print a sexbox teeshirt

you could wear it under your fish costume.

thanks! this is a great competitions to share each community members' work that they did outside of jovoto. i got the point!

Can we submit ideas that were done for contests outside jovoto?

yes, if you ensure you still have all the rights on the work.

amazing contest!

this has been an entertaining contest. but suddenly today the entries stopped coming, and there are 20 days left. can you expand the contest to accept 4 ideas? i can't get enough of these talented people.

20 days is a long time! :) I am sure there is a lot more to come, teigan!

my wish is to see more from our friends who already have 3 entries. also some people are overstuffing their entries with unrelated projects as a work around, which makes rating a dilemma. what if i love half of the project?

Hey there! There must be a limit to the ideas :) - I would also sometimes like to see more of somebodies work (thats what websites are for :)) In this contest you have to make a selection of your BEST work. It's always hard to make a selection, but it is very useful: just after the motto "class instead of mass" ;)

this is a public contest?! here come the rating problems.... i already see the ratings of the top projects drop every day and it's somewhat discouraging

don't sound so elitist alex. relax and let the spaghetti fall into your mouth.

and what the cuss is that supposed to mean? thanks, teigan... really answered my question.

if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I agree with you simple! always there are problems with public contests ratings...........and I don't know what jovoto is going to do about it...... if they are willing to do something! My proposal is that they do not show rates so that users do not know ratings.

By the way I totally disagree with this contest......sorry but it is meaningless. How can you compare this wide range of works that are submitted here (video, ads, illustrations, product design, animation,...)??? each one presented with a particular media and a message.

This is my personal idea and I hope no one gets mad at me.

from my point of view it isn't really a competition. it's an exhibition among friends. plus we aren't investing any extra time into our entries, so everything is just a bonus. i would submit entries even if there were no prize.

Thanks Teigan. I like your approach.

Thanks teigan!! Yes, it is supposed to be a fun contest. Pooya, on your concern on the ratings, check out this link:

Thank you very much Dora, Although I still believe it is better that rates for each idea be hidden from other users and only the idea owner should see it. And about the spirit of contest, yeah it is a friendly contest but in my idea does not make sense.

then you should rate "Spaggetti falls into my mouth" a 10 . what better way to celebrate a system that makes no sense.

folks, i m new to this stuff. i m reading the infos up there but i will highly appreciate were someone to help me grasp the ideas fully. can i place my own photo-personal photograph? any other info...please polish me

if you post a photo of yourself, be prepared to be rated from 1 to 10. there's no handicap for being polish.

Hey Dorley.

In this contest we work without a briefing. It's just a contest so you can showcase your previous work to the community. In "normal" contest like this one we work with a briefing. Please read that carefully before uploading your idea.

Looking forward to your ideas, and if you have any other questions have a look in our knowledge base here.

Cheers, Jeroen

Hello, I didn't understant one thing: Who will be the winner of the special prize? The first placed?

Hey there! So, the first place gets a flight: either to NY or to Berlin. And to party with the jovoto crew :) The places 2-6 can each choose a design from all entries to be printed on tshirts. Plus they also get the tshirts. Places 7-11 also get a tshirt with one of the already 5 chosen designs.

All right, thanks Dora :)

uh? i just understood the prize... i thought it was 50000 to share among the first places and te first one gets the flight... it is kind of... dissapointing... there are a lot of good ideas just to award one.

Hello DonRafa! This is not a "normal" contests, in the sense that you don't work for a client with a special briefing. It is a freestyle fun contest where you can submit anything. In other contests, we always have a prize money. If you wish to participate in one of those, check out the briefing for Lieferheld for example Also, we have a reward here for the places up to11 :)

yeah... i understand. In fact i realized that long after i put my idea, because just to be able to show and see everyone`s free ideas was to much fun... but then i got surprised when i understood the prize... anyway i overcame my dissapointment... because it is just too much fun and talent here. And of course i will participate in the other contests soon!

great to hear. this contest is actually just about getting feedback and having fun. no specific task to accomplish and the prize is actually for us, the jovoto team, as we want to meet the winners ;)

Hey, that is a freestyle conntest. Just for FUN! It is nothing to win or loose!

I can't understand that members still bash other ideas, or invite there families and friends to vote for them.

yeah.........they took it too seriously!

i apologize if my dissapointment was taken as a sign of greed. It is also sad that people can not take others opinions normally... we all have fun in misterious ways, don`t we?

i haven't taken any of the contests seriously.

jajajajajajajaja... i love you man!!!

In my opinion not only peolple who bash ideas should be shown as well.

Dear jovoto, I´m sorry to say that over the weekend this fascinating contest has developed into a copy-and-paste contest. What will you do about it? My suggestion would be to ban those who cheated from the platform. What do you think?

Hi Janne, we've already taken the necessary steps. Thanks for keeping a watchful eye on the originality of ideas.

My son who is 6 years old, and a budding artist, would like to enter a drawing. Is there an age limit ?

you aren't required to disclose age here. but technically, an internet contact agreement isn't binding if either party is under 18 years of age, so winning prizes might be a problem.

Hey borghese! That's very sweet, that your son would also like to join the contest! It should not be a problem, as you, as a grown up, can be his legal representative. As in general, an underage person needs a grown up legal representative, according to our terms of service:

kann man nur sachen hochladen die NICHT veröffentlicht wurden?


Congrats all winners - and the lucky one who flight to NY or Berlin?

Congrates its all about feeling great I think