this is a very large kinetic sculpture i built for the purpose of installing as part of a set on architectural pediments.


large scale sculpture tends to be very rigid, regardless of building materials.  i personally think sculptures should have motion built into them.  so i engineered a welded metal artwork that incorporates spring properties to react to wind.  the wings will start flapping even in a light breeze.  the jaw and a few other parts are articulated.

the subject matter is intentionally not to public taste.  to this day, artists depict mythical creatures in an anatomically naive way.  angels and devils are given wings on their backs and no corresponding musculature or bones to use them.  for functional reasons, no real animals above insect size have six limbs.  it is more accurate to have the hand bones extended into wings like a bird or bat.  so i  designed my imaginary creature with a human skeleton apart from the fingers.  it has a 14 foot wingspan and casts a scary shadow.  the way it moves is surprisingly lifelike.

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