Sex Box
This is our project for seoul international design competition:)


What makes life more comfortable? Satisfaction of needs. Civilization effectively solve  a lot of needs: for fast movement - a network of motorways, for quick information -  Internet network, etc. However, one of the basic needs - sex, havent comprehensive answer.
Our project - is a network of units, "sex boxes" which is mobile, and can be located in the area with high need for sex - at public beaches, streets and squares of cities, in places of large public events.
Each unit is based on sea container - to simplify the production, transportation, and globalization. Outside box has a LED video display at full height to attract attention. Entrance fee through the bill acceptor on the door at the entrance, machine also immediately issued condoms. 
Inside the place is equipped for sex - a surface with variable geometry for sex in different positions, controlled by touch screen. The wall opposite - a display for lighting and showing video. 
Also inside: a wash basin, automat with napkins and condoms, mirror, trash can. 
Box is cleaning with hot steam after each use, after the release of people (warm-sensor)
Thanks to a positive and open sexboxes will change sex attitude, making them more public and simply. 
They Will relise sex out of brothels shadow, and will be useful to those who had no place to have sex, and those who simply want fun, eventually making the world better.

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