utopian concept

I am writting You to present my dissertation project called �Luxury parking place�. My aim was to create
sculpture adaptation of parking place for luxury car. It can be situated in public car parks, also in buss-
ines and shopping centres, garages, or as your own home parking place.

I have just finished master degree at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, course
sculpture. During my studies I was always interested in sculpture as an object or instalation, which
dispatchs with different aspects of transport, industrial or architectural design.
For past twenty years sculpture as an art discipline has gone throught significant transformations. It
started to be presented in non-gallery spaces, for example in public areas or showrooms, patrons of Art
were building their own galleries, exhibition buildings or companies such as Baumax, Strabach, BMW,
Hugo Boss, ect.

These are the most important changes for Art itself, because they have changed viewers point of view.
They started to accept that art can be applied to various environment not just to gallery spaces. There-
fore I chose to execute �ordinary� thing such as parking place and turn it into art piece.
Nowadays, car itself is shown and used more and more by contemporary artists such as Elliason,
Koons, Barney, Wurm and Dejanoff. The phenomenon of motorism, as a part of our everyday life, is
offering not just the utility function, but it is a presentation of our lifestyle.

Life and society in capital Bratislava, where I live and study, is also one of the influences of this project.
The contrast between Bratislava and the rest of the Slovak Republic is diametraly different. This city is
residence of many wealthy financial groups, banks, developer companies and corporations. In these
surroundings of the city we can find different impacts of their presentation. And it is luxury car in
particular, what presents their lifestyle, wealth and good taste to public. However, in this �world of
fortune�, where �everyone can afford to buy anything� the contrasts in living standards are not that
noticeable. Therefore this luxury parking place supports the idea of high standart value in this society.

This project started as a research, where I was looking for the �perfect� car, which presents the values of
the high society. The product Porsche Cayanne was the best choice for my dissertation project. It is a
car up to high standart, so it is an often choice for people with sufficient financial backround.
The formal aspect of my �sculpture� is adapted to Cayenne design. The connection between car and its
parking place should work as a symbiosis, which will enhance or glamorize both these products.
This project is also my own iniciative to rivet the respect for the world of culture and fine art. It should
work as a connection between patron of art and artist in past history, where patrons placed their orders
for portraits, memorials or monuments.