Love Makes Many...
Text art combined with suggestive graphical images that depict love and all the feelings associated with it.


I made this piece a long time ago. A lot of thought and feelings were put into it. I just wanted to illustrate the power of love.

You should be able to identify elements like beauty, freedom, protection, fragility - all in a smart combination. Since I've made this piece public it has been featured on many websites.

I just wanted to share this with you guys. Enjoy

For a detailed study of it:

"The main text is well balanced with negative and positive space. The cityscape and bridge offset the floral design at the top of the text. The figure cutting into the 'M' appears to be coming from behind the 'A', creating a focal point, as, I suppose, most people associate love with another human being.

The emphasis on 'Love Makes Many' helps to convey the message 'Love makes many things seem insignificant'. Add to this, the 'things seem insignificant' is comparably smaller in size also helps to convey the message behind this poster.

The usage of familiar symbols help the reader or viewer to relate to the poster. The heart symbol, and even the color red we associate with love and romance. Also, the red/black color scheme is a classic color scheme that always goes well together."

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