Dogs and other stories
This is an acryllic series I made in late 2009. I was recently moved to Berlin and I was full of hopes, but I was missing something I never got. Street dogs.


It's really hard when you hit the ground and there are no dogs to lick your wounds. So I decided to make my owns.

There are some subtexts behind the paintings. If I have to say something about them, it would be something like this:

  • This is MY house and everybody GTFO. El perro me lo jurma debajo de su guarida, y el mocho Basanta lo que quiere es el gato de eveready. 
  • Purple is so 2009. Rembrandt es un carajo bien arrecho y a veces me acuerdo de él. Nobody knows me but I know their buttons, gimme a break en tus nalgas.
  • Eat east est ost ostkreuz, guau wow, shambow. La comida está servida y al que no le guste que me afile el punal de carne. Mis tacones are yours, sweetie.
  • Ocampo is my savior and Damien deroubaix is his prophet.</div></li>

    (The submitted work was part of a little collective exhibition named "MEGALOMANIA" in the CK cafe in P'berg in May 2010)


    The girl with the purple lightning just wanted me to say it. "Upload me. I could be the dog whisperer!"