Die Physiker/The Physisicts
This is my diploma. I illustrated the play of "The Physisicts", written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, german writer. Its not very conventional to show theatreplay in drawings, so this is a new kind of concept.


I created an illustrated book to show the experimental way to permute a theatre play.

I just wanted  tho show a explosiv way of drawing and art. I create two books. The first is only the illustrated book, the second one is the text-book with little illustrations. It was really nice to mix formal way of typesettings , i think this "attention to details"and this experimental,  free and illustrated way.
It was so much fun to create characters which i had in my head since i read this book the first time :)

I also created bookmarks, posters and postcards with attention to details.

If you want to know sth about the content (story of the book)  you can read it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Physicists

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