My Illustrator experiments
I love playing with Illustrator trying to squeeze the best out of the program. Here's some of the results of my experiments.


My absolute favorite program is Illustrator. When I have time off I love to experiment with the tools in Illustrator. It's sort of half artistic, half "scientific". I never know what it's gonna end up like. I just challenge the program combining the tools in numerous ways.

The Radiolarians are inspired by the zooplankton by the same name. Truly fascinating protists with beautiful skeletons in various shapes.

The "Running zebra" font is a study in animated typography. Imagine an animated drop cap in your electronic newspaper to spice up the layout!

Even though it's possible to make small animations with Illustrator I had a little help from Flash and iMovie when I made the two animations.

The "Polaroid plants" is a study in both pattern and colors.

The Waves are simply made of three strokes in Illustrator blended. And then voila! These amazing patterns emerges when you add dashes to one or more of the strokes. For the last finish I've added some outer glow.