projecting colors
This concept is completely inspired by the inconvenience I faced when I had to paint the walls of my own house. So I bring to you ‘Projecting colors’ Instead of imagining how the wall or surface will appear after painting, you can actually project the


-The design is like a brief-case with a built-in projector(which works on both batteries and adapter)
- these projectors are calibrated in such a way that the Light colors matches with pigment colors
.These projectors are extensively used by artists.
- This enables use to project various colors that asian paint offers their customers at the actual
- Since professional like architects and designers are particular about minute details including
color and textures it is necessary to see how the color appears at the actual location, environment
and lighting. Which is not possible by just using small swatches.
- This also gives the designer more opportunities to explore and tryout various
-Customized colors and designs can be tried by connecting the projector to a computer.
-Since it is designed as a brief case it is portable and also provides protection.
-It can also be projected on a small scale inside the brief-case on
the white board provided below the projector. (see image to the
-Swatches can be piled up together using the 6 file holders provided
next to the projectors.
Texture, brochettes, combination, Guides, texture guides, Cds
and other booklets can be kept in the pockets provided in the
lid of the case according to the need of the professionals.