As my contribution. I redesigned Haiti so that the people will prosper by rebuilding and utilizing fantastic resources still untapped - this is page 12 of my treatise which shows the redesign of Port-au-Prince


The design emulates the shock wave of the earthquake that signaled the countries rebirth.

Starting with a center at the destroyed Presidential Palace, I create a series of concentric circles of alternating green area and city fabric  - first circle is formal  legislative and administration meeting and offices, supreme court etc - then government departments (ministries) then international  embassies then tourist then inner city then outer city then suburbs etc -  proceeding form the mod expensive nearest the center to the least in outer rings but with affordable housing for service workers in every one -the interspersed green areas restore the ecology and basically give most of the land back to the people. 
The concept was to lay out the green areas and then pay the people for every pound of rubble they carried to land fill areas in the water that will become cruile ship ports - as rubble was cleared, temporary housing in the form of wigwams (bamboo and cotton canvas) could be erected in the green areas while the city was rebuilt- once permanent structures are build the wigwams are moved to other areas and the green linear parlks planted with native species, bamboo, goof courses etc.. Paying people a decent wage in the form of pieces work - by the pound would unleash their creative juices to clear the rubble - the faster it is cleared, the more money is made with no limit. Rubble would have been cleared in six months and nature markets would have formed to spend the money, sparking the recovery - and education program to train construction workers gives good jobs after that. as well as utilization of cold water and calcium carbonate to foster such diverse industries as computer farms, natural fishing, bio rock and tropical medicine - forestry, mining, oil exploration,  container ports and of course tourism.

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