Bottle Battle

Develop the new ‘Super Premium’ bottle for Moskovskaya!


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Amazing project!! :D Really curious to see all super creative bottle designs!

This is one of my favorite prohjects! I love it!!! Looking forward for a great competition and amazing designs!

over 7 years ago

I'm not allowed to take part, but it's an interesting Project ;-)

over 7 years ago

Is it allowed for me to vote and comment in this project though ?!

Why not allowed? It´s an public project.

over 7 years ago

I am under 18 years old. In the briefing it says that it is only allowed to participate for adults (I can understand that ;-))

Ah I understand. That´s the reason. I´m curious what Jess will answer about if you can vote and comment. I really don´t know. Allthough I think it´s not allowed.

Isn't it necessary to add such a "I understand that . . . . . and I am over 18 years, bla bla bla. . . " and enter your birthdate on webpages or part's which are connected with alcohol, tobaccos, mature content, etc. . . ? ;-)

Dear Marco,

unfortunateley you can not, as you would not be allowed to enter the Moskovskaya website itself under 18 years neither.

Sorry for that!

Yours Jesko

over 7 years ago

Okay, no problem. Thanks for your answer :)

Like it, I'm in.

more than interesting! hope to find the time!

Is it mandatory to use the excisting Logo?

Guys, the number alone registered trademarks Russian vodka over 3.500. Every brand wants to have a unique design :)))) If you will allow me to guide I will give links to stores where you can find a variety of vodka in Russia. In this way you will not go in these directions. =) For those who did not drink vodka - it is often drunk chilled =)

WOW !!! As far as I know the brand of "Moscovskaya" belongs to the federal enterprise "Souzplodoimport." ?

This manufacturer is not sold in the territory of Russia. In addition, he is in a state of legal battles over the brand with Russia. Thus fill is optional to take into account the features that I wrote. I refuse to participate in the competition for moral reasons.

Hi @all I got an Idea but I am a poor 3d rendering artist. Someone want's to colaborate? Cheers! :-)))

Hi mikaR If you have precise sketches we can make a 3d rendering for you... Cheers.

Hi malindis. Thanks for your message but I still found a collaborator for my idea(s). Maybe in one of the next contests. :-))

The logo has to remain with the stroke? Can we get the brand guidelines for the logo, please?

and how much is the bottle and packaging cost?

Would be really great if we could get feedback on the logo guidelines. Thank you in advance

One question: Is black really an option for this product? Because Moskovskaya is using black already for the product called "christall". I can imagine they want to differentiate the two products??

Hey everyone! Good questions :-) We will check with the client about all of the questions that are compiling under the briefing and we'll get back to you! Thanks, Jess

Hi Jess, one point again. Aren't there any guidelines in designing alcoholic beverages especialy in Europe? I remember for example wine bottles it is necessary to add the %Vol in font size XY on place ZZ and much more. . . . Don't know the facts about Wodka. I try to find out some informations because it could be necessary for the design. :-))

I'll add this question to the list! Thanks :-)

Hey there, For all of your questions, the answer is, you can let your imaginations run wild! As far as the technical details with %Vol, you can use the 40% Vol., but it is not mandatory for your design at this stage. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for the very helpful information, Jess! Let's rock the vodka! :)

Can we let our imaginations run wild with Moskovskaya's logo? There are no guidelines for it? Nice :)

I´m a bit confused now. Jesko said the existing logo is mandatory. See above.

Is it or isn't it mandatory?

Hey there, The Moskovskaya logo should remain untouched. Let your imagination go wild, outside of the existing logo.

Sorry to come back to this question but the reason I asked about the logo guidelines in the first place was because the outlines it has take away the premium look the client is after. So, a way to go around this is to use the name in the way we think that that's more premium as long as there's an untouched version of the logo somewhere on the design, right?

Sure, that seems like a good solution to me! Best, Jess

Dearest jovotans,

You guys are doing a great job, designs are really shaping up and already with 186 ideas in this project, we'll really have something to talk about at our half time feedback- which we'll have for you by tomorrow!

However, with all of these great ideas, I am noticing some similarities in the designs and bottle shapes here. So I'm asking everyone who is submitting, to please be careful AND critical of details in each of the designs that have already been submitted. Each design should be unique and embody design elements of it's own. Thank you :-)

You'll hear more from me tomorrow with our halftime feedback- so for now, Over and out!

Hey there, We'll have the feedback for you as soon as possible! Thanks, Jess

Can you send me which programs to use to make it acceptable? Thanks.

Hi Jess, do you know how big the bottle should be? 0,5l, 0,7l or 1l?

I drank too much perfume :S

Hi everybody, just wanted to share this link with you. Popsop is a site about marketing stuff and so on. If you search for vodka you will find some interesting and maybe inspiring things.

Dear jovoto Community,

as promised last week, here it comes the client’s feedback!

First of all, the client is blown by the huge amount, the high quality and the outstanding concepts of your ideas! Today there are 209 submissions and we are curious about how many more there are to come! Thanks a lot so far!

The general feedback is - Keep up the good work! Moskovskaya wants to see all ideas and doesn’t want to limitate your creativity in any way. Think in any possible way!

The only aspects they are asking for, are: - Please make sure, that your bottle design is distinctive and doesn’t show any similarities towards the Moskovskaya competitors. - Make sure that the brand Moskovskaya is clearly recognizable! - A relation to Russia is not mandatory, but if so a rather modern realization is prefered. - Make sure, that all aspects of your design can be clearly understood. For instance, if your concept includes a new closure mechanism, show and explain this with a detailed view and describe how it works exactly. Show how the bottle looks with the closure and without it! - Please make sure that there is only one concept per submission. That means, one submission can include several attachments of the same idea, it should show the development process. But if your idea is turning into a completely new direction, please do make sure to you upload this as a new submission. This way it is easier to keep an overview!

We are looking forward to your updates! Go for it!!! Any further questions? Please let us know!

Scoring is weird ... I don't fell that scoring is realistic ...

I must agree here, for one refresh my score went 17 positions down...realy have feeling there is something wrong...

yes you are right stefan. the scoring here is somewhat strange. an idea that was on 13th position fell, after 5 scorings in 5 hours, to position 31.????????? the contest or the contenders doesn't seem to be playing fair .......

there are over 100 new accounts here. I sent a list to the Project guide. and still coming new ones!

i hope the administration will look into this. thanks for the info!

I have approximately 10 scores on 100 views ,and after 10 views I have 8 new scores and my score is going rapidly down hhhhmmmmmmm

You're right guys! Same case for my work. My second submission was on 26th position until 6pm and since more than one hour it's on 61.

hey grossartiger, you've been bashed a few times (see my link above). i hope this will be looked into! alright guys i'm hitting the sack. see where i'm positioned tomorrow. maybe i'll hit the top 100 ;-)

Thank you graffika! I haven't seen this before. 150 karma points and then... Go for it, let's annoy some users. Actually I thought it has to be an almost safe rating method.

Scoring seems strange for me, too. I guess this time it is because of the huge amount of submissions. But actually i do not really understand the rating system at all.

Hey guys, such occurs constantly. Be not nervous, play fair and the result will be spravedlimvy. I passed through it. Counterfeit accounts will block or won't include their voice. Jovoto know the work, hope for them.

Dear all,

We are do rating monitoring permanently and even more within the next days. We are here and will keep on doing our best! But rating monitoring takes some time and it also takes a little while for the score to update!

Thanks for your patients! :)

thank you for your feedback!!!

there should be a professional jury composed of package designers for contests like this ...

I don't understand how is mathematically possible for the score to go down so many places with one new rating. For example, if you have and idea with 7.71 average stars with 72 ratings, then you get ONLY ONE new rating and a some time later your score is 7.60. Do the math... Someone had to vote less than 1star for that to happen. How weird is that?

Hey Waserone,

The ratings are updated automatically every two hours, not after every single vote. We also do rating monitoring permanently. After that some ratings might not count anymore. That's why an update of the ratings can sometimes cause sudden shifts in the ranking and your average score.

Hey Britta,

Today my ranking went down 22 places (so far) with only 4 new votes... I didn't remember those ratings that could stop counting.

The final looping in the public roler coaster has begun! :-)

60 new accounts today Recruitment continues!

how do we check there is 100 or 60 new accounts per day? just wondering :]]

this happens mainly at the end of the projects. You can see it in their voting structure. The same project in the loved ideas, similar account names and so on. they give between 20 and 60 votings. Must often take look on the last activity on the platform. that can take time!

voted all these bottles - there is a lot of awsome stuff in this contest! congratz moskovskaya!

Voted all bottles? You are such a nice person to have all the bottle voted! Great Voting job!

If everyone can do the same, rating with will be a lot more better and efficient!

hehe, thanks! ;D if i only vote 10 bottles, i doesn't make any sense! but i dont not comment all of them! :D

Thumbs up, dear MoshArt! Thanks a lot for your engagement!

its great to see so many different shapes in the contest, unfortunately many of them just look like parfums or deo-sticks or shampoo bottles.. unfortunately i could not finish voting for all of the designs.

although i didnt submit a design for this project, im thrilled wo get the 10 top place! goodluck guys! this project is awesome!

Still how much time monitoring will be in process.....!!!

Germany is the perfect place to sell Latvian vodka with a fake Russian label. Because the population of Germany is undiscerning about actual product, and instead looks at branding and packaging to determine their personal "taste".

can anyone tell me when is the result....?

congrats to all the winners!!

Congrats to all the winners... there are some outstanding works in the top 10 and I'm rellay happy for everyone who made it this far!!

Congrats to the winners

I congratulate all participants and winners! It was excellent competition!

Congratulations to the winners

Congrats to all winners!!

Congratulations to all the winners!


A lot of creative good work in this contest! Congrats to all the winner!

Congratulations to all the winners, it was really fun to be a part of this awesome project!

huge congrats to all the winners, too much talent and incredible designs in this contest :)))

Congrats guys!! all of us!!!

this is awesome contest! many talent in here. expert skill. CONGRATS for all winner! happy holiday guys!

you have to share your facebook profile information before you are allowed to vote. pretty bad, or not?

btw i think it is not official yet, because they haven't post it in facebook until now. or is it?

i saw this on facebook. so they had to post it before. ;)

Hey there! This is not the official start of the facebook vote! We will announce when it officially starts !

sorry! i didn't knew that... i better shut up!!! :x

Hey everyone!

It's official, the Moskovskaya facebook vote is now OPEN!

Good luck!

Best, Jess

The link goes to their facebook page but doesn't open any app... Anyone else?

If it brings you to the page you can also click on the TRUE CHOICE box under their page header!

Where is the TRUE CHOICE box? Can't find it... If you're referring to the link they have on last facebook post it does the same, redirects to their facebook page, and the same happens with the link on their official website. Can you help please?

"(Desktop Only)" what does this mean?


Hey you two, Can you send me a private message with all the details of how it's not working so I can try to help? Best, Jess

Still no voting app...


Hey, please send me a private message with the details! Thanks, Jess

Couldn't find the info how long the FB voting will be open. Does Anyone know?

thx. thats pretty long. time enough to gather your facebook forces :)

Hey everyone,

For the people that were having trouble accessing the Moskovskaya facebook voting app, it is because only people within Germany can cast a vote.

Good luck to all participants, Jess

Hi, Jovotans. What design software did you use to create such fantastic designs??

V-ray! without this software, you can not win this contest!

is there a winner now?

Good Day everyone :)

We have a Client's Choice announcement on this lovely Tuesday. And the winner is.. InDezign with Unchain My Heart


This is soooo awesome!!! Thanks a lot to anybody for your kind votes and ... well... I'm speechless. :)

Thanks a lot and best to all of you! PS: I LOVE JOVOTO!! :)))

wowdy!!! big congrats eric!!!

Thanks, Christin! I'm very happy - as you may imagine ;)

Ich sach nur Prost!

Dank Dir, H2O! Prost zurück :)

He Eric, du hast aber ein Händchen für den Client's Choice ;-) Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Darauf einen Wodka, Nastrovje! :DDD

Was soll ich dazu sagen, Sibylle? :)) Danke Dir vielmals und Nastrovje zurück! :)))

congrats eric,, for your unique design. :D Lets' party!! :D

how about Special Prize Fanpreise im Wert von insgesamt 1.500€ Jess?