Clear forms, precious appearance and an appraisal for the products that make Moskovskaya vodka.


A new bottle for Moskovskaya should be outstanding, clear and strong.

The distinctive, slim cylinder-shaped glass-bottle is designed to appeal men and women likewise. No matter if they go for a a drink in a bar or stand in front of a shelf in a liquor-store.

The bottles body is mainly made of frosted glass giving it the frosty look of vodka with the exact right drinking temperature.

The two other design characteristics of the bottle are clear glass and a transparent green �halm� (stem) growing from the bottom of the bottle almost to the top. They stand symbolic for the ingredients of Moskovskaya vodka: water, wheat and rye.

The cap is made of anodized, brushed aluminum, corresponding to the color of the Moskovskaya lettering, completing the precious appearance worthy of a premium vodka.

The labeling is applied to the �halm� on the front side and a small rectangular on the back.

Other Moskovskaya vodkas like Moskovskaya Cristall receive different coloring of halm and cap.

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