The Club One
The Club one Vodka


This bottle design insists on long forgotten seriousness, just as its supposed content. In a vast sea of examinations that intend to change classical forms of packaging, just as the distilleries intend to change the good old taste of Vodka, this bottle solution stands out from the crowd by a more critical approach. This can be seen in two main points. Firstly, it insists on quality and pragmatic approach to the customers needs and ideas of manufacturer. It leads us to think that Vodka in this bottle was intended to cheer up the outgoing, clubbing crowds and those of the bar kin. Long bottle neck makes it easy to handle while cocktailing or just pouring regular shots. In conclusion, this pragmatic moment points out the analytical approach of the designer. But this is just one part of it. When we think of Vodka, we almost always think of the same, good, old thing that makes us happy. This regularity and plainness is something that is starting to be forgotten. The package itself reminds us of this.
Considering all this, design of this bottle roots between its pragmatic and analytic side, which clears out its elegant simplicity. It comes in two, (classical colors) sophisticated white, and elegant black.

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