decorated bottle
straight elegant shape with a special item


Designing a unique bottle withe the premise of being suitable for the mass production is obiuosly a hard challenge:-) There are mostly already existing bottles with more or less similarities. So, often you tempt to say: this or that idea looks like e.g. the "Absolut" bottle, whiskey or grappa bottles, even famous buildings ...or other familiar shapes.

So, for this reason I wanted to set the focus not only on the shape. I think even a little special item on a well shaped bottle could possibly change its statement and is suitable for enhancing the look of its uniqueness.

I decided to decorate the Moskovskaya bottle with a logo element, stamped (embossed) on a rubber material and glued to the bottle.  I can't measure  If it would be suitable for a mass production. (Maybe it is better to attach the rubber logo with a small chain on the neck of the bottle, instead of glueing, so you could detach it an keep it (for your key ring or so))
But I think it is a "easy" way to reach an exclusive or, at least, special look.    

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