Moskovskaya Round-Sided Premium Edition
An interacting bottle design that keeps the personality of Moskovskaya and gives new functions.


The objective of this project was to create a bottle with an identity, that allows the consumer to identify the product as a part of the Moskovskaya family, but still got enough space to stand alone (bottles with a cap got the same shape like the traditional Moskovskaya bottle and without a cap it has an own form language that´s new).

Upscale appealing materials like stainless steel and silverish colors are giving the sketch a premium personality. For to be an eye-catcher the flask is also working with harsh contrasts in the appeareance (silver plus yellow, pink, green or blue).

New functions such as a rubber lock are interpretating a bottle in a different way, with more comfort in the fill-in process and a better handling.

Interacting is the most important word at this point. Use a part of the product as a glass, turn the bottle around, show the colors and feel the different surfaces of the materials. Just play and have fun with the premium edition.

The last big thought is the economy factor. The different colored glasses are making the product lucrative for collectors and cause of the „turn-around“-appereance it could be an eye-catcher in every super market shelf.  

Have fun by checking out the summary of my design process.


Best Regards und viel Spaß beim Stöbern


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