Which one is the True One?
An interpretation of the current visual identity of the Moskovskaya bottle with a twist


The development of the design revolved around these ideas:

1. To re-interpret the already recognisable brand identity of the Moskovskaya bottle by preserving its signature features and giving them a new unexpected reading, possibly one that offers an unexpected twist in the exploitation of the bottle, and not just a decorative change;
2. To offer a reading of "The True One" slogan based on the idea that true things are easiest to identify when compared to their alternatives - in this case this is the true route of the spirit out of the bottle, marked red. The other bottle neck is just an alternative, albeit one with a function of its own.

*Sticking closely to the design of the current Moskovskaya bottle, the offered option could also go with the original label, but is preferably matched with a transparent label with lettering in the distinctive green and gold colours of the brand.