Rock n' Rolling like an animal!!!


A parody between human - animal, animal - human behavior in a music rock n' roll fest!!! A lot of fun to show the world how to create and live a concert BEING LOUD, but GREEN for you to Rock n' Rolling like an animal!!!

Script Draft1:


On a black screen we HEAR the typical constant buzzing and shrieking of a thick-deep vegetation (bugs, birds, etc.), then the NaturWatt GmbH logo comes on screen and we FADE IN to a ROAD BETWEEN TREES that leads to a huge Woodstock-like STAGE being prepared for a concert.

We go to a SERIES OF SHOTS featuring different animals in a lawn in front of the stage waiting for the show to begin. We see a PIG, a COW, maybe an OWL moving its head entirely to see a CAT behind him that´s annoying him because he´s smoking or talking too loud, etc.., we see that on stage the show�s getting ready to begin and all the animals rise up and start getting excited about it...

Then the show begins and different animals start doing their respective sounds: a cow goes moow!, a crow goes ark!, a pig goes (whatever the pig does), and other animals we have to think about yet, but that�s the idea, so we alternate between images of the animals on stage ´playing´ and the animals on the lawn, the audience, but the funny part it�s that the animals we saw before plain normal, now have �changed�, for example the cow is now purple with white dots, the pig has wings, the owl is now drunk and starts flirting with the SNAKE, etc., and another thing is that some members of the audience have these signs with some mottos on, or phrases typical of rock concerts but with lines with double-meaning (for example, a sign says �ROCK is here to stay� and we see a mountain or the planet drawn on it; the double-meaning would be that the music is here to stay but also nature, the planet, rocks).

The concert goes on with the same animal sounds repeating themselves over and over again, the same cow going moow!, same crow going ark!, same pig going� I don´t know what, and the other animal sounds we have to think about yet, but in the repetition the sounds in the cycle are going faster and louder, faster and louder, faster and louder, faster and louder each time until it becomes unbearable to us (the actual real audience in the REAL world: us).

We see HUMAN BEINGS in a forest nearby (I don´t know, some trees around the area), that cannot stand the sounds these animals are doing and get really annoyed with them. The human beings we see are quite primitive, still living from what nature gives them, mostly from tree-food (apples, pears and stuff), and start walking towards the concert with an ATTITUDE that tells us they´re going to cause a big struggle with the animals (I mean, we turn things around, and in this fictitious environment the humans are not the ones bringing the animals to extinction, but it´s the other way around), and they walk through the forest until they actually get to where the concert is going on. We have to consider that the annoying sound (the animals doing what they do over and over again) up to this point is REALLY, REALLY unbearable to anything with ears, so these primitive human beings are hugely upset about it. They get to the stage and see all these animals and the concert and just stay there watching it with a hypnotized look, a dull caveman-look and� then� suddenly� a SMILE.

THE CAVEMAN SMILES. These primitive human beings are all quite amazed at what they see�, sorry, that would be� at what they HEAR!� and they start MOVING THEIR HEADS UP AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN, TO THE RYTHIM OF THAT GOOD-OLD ROCK N´ ROLL (even though it´s the annoying animal sounds), OVER AND OVER AGAIN� until they can´t take it any longer and they run and join the animals in the audience and start jumping and dancing with them, a real party going on�

We SLOWLY FADE OUT on video and audio and we return to the same typical constant buzzing and shrieking of a thick-deep vegetation (bugs, birds, etc.). Then the NaturWatt GmbH logo comes on screen again, for a little while because suddenly it becomes disrupted with a harsh movement of the screen (like tearing fabric apart) and the phrase BE LOUD, BE GREEN! appears on the screen, violent, heavy metal-like, and then the next phrase that comes on screen sums it all up: ROCK N´ ROLLING LIKE AN ANIMAL!! WOOH!!

The next screen reads: RhEINKULTUR Festival, Germany�s biggest free open-air festival.

And that´s about it� the basic idea I mean, we´ll get to you soon with more creative updates�



©Xavier Iturralde / Roberto Baquerizo, 2011. Gye - Ec.