Use Greenergy, Save Energy
It's just a 1:50 min short-movie sprinkled with a little bit of humor to spread the message "Use GREENERGY, Save Energy" in a simplistic way.


Just going by the briefing, I thought it'd be better to make a short film sprinkled with humor (consisting of only 3 comic-strip-like characters) which would bring up an idea to express laudatory views about green-energy, in short: "Greenergy".

Three comic-strip-like characters are: a young man, his wife, his boss.

Software used to make movie: Dfilm (Dvolver Movie Maker)
Software used for video compression: Handbrake
Software used for making music: JamStudio
Software used for music-mixing: Masher

Since this tool (Dvolver) does not allow to save the file in drive, so I played it online while recording the same in my tiny digicam in HD. Video-capturing and/or compressing part may contain some issues like: vibrations, noise etc. Please ignore it.