The challenge for the jovoto Community

It is important for the NaturWatt GmbH to be a strong and sustainable partner for the organization of environmentally-friendly events like the RhEINKULTUR Festival.

Your task is to create a positive and humorous, yet authentic video clip, lasting between 30 and 50 seconds, for NaturWatt GmbH and their partner, the RhEINKULTUR Festival and the Green Music Initiative. Your video should show the festival goers how they can behave in an environmentally-aware and ecological way at the RhEINKULTUR Festival.

NaturWatt GmbH is a provider of green energy, which trades in energy from water, wind and solar power. For several years now the company has been pushing a conscious approach to nature and its resources, while supporting cultural and social projects in the improvement of the efficient use of renewable energies.

The jury prize: your video at the RhEINKULTUR Festival

The clips by the 5 jury winners will be shown on the large video screens of the festival’s main stage. In order for your film to be in with a chance of being shown to the audience, it is imperative that it is submitted in a screen-ready format.

For the jovoto Community and jury winners a total of 5,000 EUR in prize money is up for grabs.

  • Community winners: 3,750 EUR
  • Jury winners: 1,250 EUR

Project Jury

Awarded ideas