It recreates Norse goddess Skadi


The idea aims to recreate the Norse goddess Skadi under a male vision for being a brave and avid huntress who always lives in rough and snow-covered places.

What is the mystical story behind your design?

Skady is a Norse goddess related with winter, artical mountains and bowhunting. She lives in the highest reaches of the mountains, where the snow never melts. Usually she is accompained with a wolf. The etymology of her name probably may be connected with Scandinavia.

Can you tell us details about the printing specifications of your design?

Medium and bottom labels have a silver shine on their edges.

The printing directly on the bottle: number of screen printing stations needed?


The printing of the two labels: Number of channels in offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing (special finish) and hot foil embossed printing?

4 normal colors + 1 for the edge of the medium and bottom labels that have an iridiscent effect that reacts with light.

The lid: number of colors needed?


Did you use images, graphics, fonts etc – not originally created by you? Did you get very closely inspired from a source? That’s fine as long as you share that source-links.

No third party material used (only the provided in this brief)

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