The mystery of narwhals and their fangs which is hidden under the cold Arctic waters.


I decided to represent two narwhals that cross their fangs. They are very strong and mysterious animals. The design is composed of simple and sinuous lines on dark background. This underlines the atmosphere of mystery that characterizes the narwhals and Viking legends about them. The narwhal is an inhabitant of the cold waters of the Arctic with a unique feature: a sort of ivory horn that can be more than 3 meters in length. This horn is a weapon of defense or attack, icebreaker and courtship tool.

What is the mystical story behind your design?

The Narwhals are the most iconic and mysterious creatures of the Arctic that have fascinated explorers and scientists for hundreds of years. Despite the progress of science these animals are still unclear, because of the remote and inhospitable inhabiting. The fangs of the narwhal were imported by Vikings in continental Europe. Magic skills immediately attributed at that time, especially the ability to neutralize poisons, made him a valuable material that hat started the legend about unicorn.

The printing of the two labels: Number of channels in offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing (special finish) and hot foil embossed printing?

offset printing CMYK. Optionally silver color

The lid: number of colors needed?

two colors

Did you use images, graphics, fonts etc – not originally created by you? Did you get very closely inspired from a source? That’s fine as long as you share that source-links.

own design

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