Snow Maiden-update
Russian tale of the Snow Maiden whose heart melts when she falls in love with a human boy.


The idea is based of a Russian folk tale about a little girl born from snow and being raised by an old couple who were unable to have children. She is in fact the daughter of Spring and Old Man Frost. She lived happily with them and grew more and more beautiful but sadder because she longed for human interaction. A shepherd boy Lel fell in love with the maiden but she was unable to love. She pleads Mother Springs to grant her this ability but once this happens her heart of ice melts and so does she. The reason I chose this tale is because it embodies purity and it links to the brand slogan "The pure soul of vodka".

What is the mystical story behind your design?

The Russian folk tale of the Snow Maiden

Can you tell us details about the printing specifications of your design?

The bottle is fully printed in blue and the label uses 4 colors( not including white). The logo and "limited edition" are in silver foil

The printing directly on the bottle: number of screen printing stations needed?

The bottle is fully printed in blue

The printing of the two labels: Number of channels in offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing (special finish) and hot foil embossed printing?

The label uses 5 CMYK color(not including white) and there is an embossed silver foil on the logo and "limited edition"

The lid: number of colors needed?

2, white and the brand color blue

Did you use images, graphics, fonts etc – not originally created by you? Did you get very closely inspired from a source? That’s fine as long as you share that source-links.

Images and graphics are entirely my own. Font used for "limited edition"