Frozen Mountain
Frozen Mountains.


Frozen mountains that surround the mystical wild world.

What is the mystical story behind your design?

The best word to describe the "Gorbatschow" experience is mysticism and I think the mystical vibe is given by the black and white label and the subtle but yet dominant touch of silver. It is the kind of bottle that looks breathtaking on the table and catches eyes in any bar it’s displayed in.

Can you tell us details about the printing specifications of your design?

The 360° graphic will be printed directly on the bottle, and the bottle will be halfway painted in matte black or white.

The printing directly on the bottle: number of screen printing stations needed?

The 360° graphic will be printed directly on the bottle in the blue area, and the text will be printet in the green area. This design requires only one color.

The lid: number of colors needed?

One colour.

Did you use images, graphics, fonts etc – not originally created by you? Did you get very closely inspired from a source? That’s fine as long as you share that source-links.


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