Discover The Inner World
The Antarctica consists the purest, clearest and most important element on our planet.


The issue of Antarctica is not only associated with extreme cold, huge ice masses and research expeditions. It is also gaining importance from a mystical point of view. The reports of access to the "inner earth" and the pyramids are just some examples of the potential that the Antarctica has, which can surprise and expand the consciousness of the people. The minimal design shows a visible ice sheet and underneath the unexplored and unknown substance in a stylized form. And so there is still much potential for depth.

What is the mystical story behind your design?

see above

Can you tell us details about the printing specifications of your design?

The printing can be done with transparent lables or partly direct on the bottle.

The lid: number of colors needed?


Did you use images, graphics, fonts etc – not originally created by you? Did you get very closely inspired from a source? That’s fine as long as you share that source-links.

Additional I used the font "Georgia" which can be replaced. I was not able to install "ITC Officina Sans".

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