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Design and create an awesome album cover for ‘The Yugos!

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Design and create an awesome album cover for ‘The Yugos!


The Yugos are an Indie / Pop / Rock band from Northern Kentucky. Doing things their way, The Yugos transform their influences into a unique and active sound all their own - creating a punk approach to an Indie sound.


The Yugos were born from the brothers Gough (Jordan and Christian) who started writing and recording songs on their Mac in their basement for fun around 2009.  Both brothers write the songs as well as play rhythm guitar, drums and do the vocals for the band. Wanting others to join in and rock out with them they searched and found lead guitarist Jackson Deal. By 2010 band member Magnus Wigginshades, bass guitarist and vocals, joined. 


The band has been touring around the Northern Kentucky Cincinnati area since and have been accumulating a lot of fans as they go- from vinyl-collecting pop connoisseurs, college students, hipsters, soaked punk rockers, to straight laced and high schoolers. Their new fans were met with energetic performances and contagiously fun spirit that has kept them coming back for more.  

Task Definition

The Yugos are not signed to a label yet, though they are looking to have their next album professionally recorded. 


Their next album, self titled The Yugos, will be recorded over the next few months and they are looking for a cover / back design for it. 


This album cover should be a fun and whimsical with slightly serious tone to it. They like to have fun but remember that they love what they do and take it seriously.


When this album is recorded it will be sold at all of their great shows as well as on iTunes. The creatives work that is chosen will be placed under a Creative Commons License and after 500 albums are sold the creative will receive a $750 licensing fee from The Yugos in order for them to use the design in further album sales.


The chosen design's creator will be receiving a signed CD from the band with their design being used. 

Target Group

Fans / Future fans of the band


Serious and fitting to their music ( indie / punk)  with a fun / whimsical twist

(Check out examples of their photography on Facebook and Myspace

Mandatory requirements

Use The Yugos Logo on the cover of the album.  ( Downloadable attachment) 


• There is also a sample of the size ratio for the cover. 


Here are some links to their sites:

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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VERY Excited for the challenge, this will be a fun one!

I couldn't get the logo to download.

mhh logo works for me :/

Gr8 Challenge but why do they start all together, grrr i can't focus :D

Yeah I also think that it is a lot of fun that the winner will be getting a signed CD with their art work on it !

And remember to take a look at their photos on their sites. They reveal a lot about the band

and listen to the music it gives you a feel for the style as well

great, I knew the band already before. I do the best to create a good album cover!

Great! Looking forward to seeing it.


I was waiting for the contest like that ^____~ I have a question. This logo is too small for working with... Only 170x40, dpi - 72. Can you ask guys to give us a bit bigger? Or we can use our fonts? Btw, could you clarify the: format: jpg or psd? and dpi.

Looking forward. Thank you! ^^ Rin

yeah! bigger please put a vector logo up!

Got someting to say. That logo is hideous. Just my two cents. Thinking in participate, need to relax. Why am I speaking in short phrases? Good music. Good morning Vietnam.

Hey all - There is an updated logo under the briefing to let you all know. Great work so far to all of you.

I can't open it : ( What format does it have?

gut. much better. not that I love it but now I can use it.

One of the most fun contests in a while. I love looking at each submission. COOL :)!

Hello I do not understand the CD cover sizes...the measures mostly :/ Could you please help me??? thanks great contest by the way :) Cheers Pedro Faia

Hello -

The 5 inches x 5 inches is the full size of the sleeve ( cover) and the 4.75 inches is the size of the image that can be seen when it is in the case.

oh...ok :) thanks by the way...i dont know if someone already asked this but can we change the font, or this is their official logo??? thanks

hey! does anyone know whats the font of the logo? thx max

Hey Madmax i dunno exactly but i would say it's "Trade Gothic LTStd-Bd Cn20" but thats not a free font

Hehey Jovoto members

I´d like to mention a few things. I just listened to the sound of the Yugos. They sound fresh, young, dirty, kind of a Pop punk to me. Sometimes their timing is not too good (drums), the guitars are slightly out of tune, the vocals are not always on key. This is the style of the band.

So I think, that´s just how they should LOOK like, too! I´ve seen some ideas here now and some of them are way too technical or modern. This is not a dance-euro-techno-music-album! Keep it dirty and "un-perfect" :-) Just my humble opinion as a musician.

Cheers, Markus

Very helpful. Thanks and good luck.

Thank you :) I´m only a musician, I´m not participating. Good luck to you! :-)

thanx for inspiring the sloppiest designer to participate :)

Just wanted to say: Amazing works in this Contest...beautiful! :)

Does this Album don´t have any name?

hello all.. :)

inspiring submissions.. all the best.. :)

so whats happening here?

Interesting to know what cover Yugos choice.

Hey everyone -

They are going though all of the great options and will be letting us all know soon! I will keep you all up to speed when I find out something.



Check out out winning blog post! : ) Congrats to everyone who participated in the challenge there was such stellar work here!