Banking 4 Communities image and communication strategy
Design of project image and user-friendly poster for a financial inclusion project.

Solution is a project idea which proposes to provide credit, insurance and saving options to women head-of-family in low-income remote communities by partnering with banks through an approach of offering them accessibility to life-insurance solutions which may guarantee the future of their children. This idea has been improved and will continue its improvement for the rest of the year. A critical part of this idea is the communication part and we're hoping to get some help to get a highly user-friendly image for the project.

Describe the organization and the purpose of the organization succinctly in just a few words! is a project idea which proposes a way to create financial inclusion for remote low-income communities in developing countries. The method for bringing such solutions has been improving based on feedback and will continue doing that for the rest of the year. One critical part of the financial inclusion program is the training effort. The communication for the people in bottom of the income pyramid should be very user-friendly and highly graphic.

What makes your Open Zone suggestion relevant from a community point of view, or socially or creatively relevant?

The project has a huge approach for enhancing lives in the most remote and low-income communities, but has a lack of design knowledge.

What exactly is the task that the jovoto community should work on for this organization?

The specific task for this project is the design of the organization image and the graphic design of the idea proposal in a way that it could be used for the site and for the print media that it's intended to be used in the communities, such as posters.

Summarize in just a few words the steps required to set up the project:

  1. Go to
  2. Read about the project.
  3. Think a better image (logo and colors) for the project it self.
  4. Design it in a more graphic and user-friendly poster with the 9 step idea proposal.

How are you familiar with the organization/the project and have you already made contact with the initiators behind it?

I am one of the initiators.

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