adaptive reuse
hey sophie! i'm now abusing the platform to send drawings to you.


what you see is a demonstration rather than a presentation.  

making an analogy to real world shops or services:  openzone has fallen into disuse, either due to a change in community needs, or an initial misunderstanding of community needs.  openzone needn't be wasted though.  it can still live out a useful existence, with only minor changes.

Describe the organization and the purpose of the organization succinctly in just a few words!

it is a reorganisation of existing resources and infrastructure. otherwise known as adaptive reuse.

What makes your Open Zone suggestion relevant from a community point of view, or socially or creatively relevant?

it effectively builds community by providing a more visual and dynamic public forum.

What exactly is the task that the jovoto community should work on for this organization?

they can suggest feature names and parameters. the features already exist as jovoto assets. they are just not currently being used for these purposes.

Summarize in just a few words the steps required to set up the project:

a few days of replacing text and changing parameters. this would be done by the jovoto technical staff, but almost no coding is required, and could really be done by anyone with permission.