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184 innovative concept ideas for the Parador flooring of the future!


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great contest ! here is a a very nice project that i came across recently , for inspirational purposes :)

Wow! True. What an interesting contest. :-)))

Looking for members to join a team effort.

I hope there will be soon some prevention from fake voters and basher's. . . :-)

Hope so, too... How about integrating captchas for voting? Or checking registration before the user could get active might help, too..

Captchas for voting might sound interesting at first hand, but fairly difficult to integrate in a nice way. (without completely annoying the users) The registration is checked, because you need to activate your account before you can use it. Besides that there's a karma treshold. If you don't have 150 karma points your votes won't count.

Cheers, Jeroen.

What about a minimum upload of 5 projects before a vote realy counts? By this way you can take a look on the users, you can register possible fake projects and be abled to sort the foul playing users. ;-)

Benefits: - 5 Projects where you can control the integrity of the content and the user. - Community as watchdog because I think you can see a clear fake project. (In profiles I only can see the carma of 0 project users, nothing else...)

Cheers, Mika

Agree with MIKAR - a lot of bashing is going on again !

Heads up Community,

Big news in the PARADOR contest

" Hello creatives, we had half-time feedback talk with the client on the PARADOR project. The feedback we got was that we are not even half-way there. As the first sentence states “Parador is looking for fascinating and creative ideas for innovative and saleable flooring”.

That means: PARADOR wants you to come up with ideas that are; a) Thought through

b) Clearly exemplified

c) Clearly explained (use the provided questions in the upload-form to describe your idea short and clear!)

d) visually intriguing

e) technically feasible

Many of you seem to have taken the word “design suggestion” too literal: A mere design suggestion of course is no flooring concept and also far far away from being producible or even saleable and therefore - to say it clear - useless to the client. Quote: “We have hundreds of vague ideas in all directions ourselves, but what we would like to see from the jovoto community are concepts and designs that are visually intriguing and technically feasible.”

So let’s try from now on to all get out of the brainstorm-mode and into the working-mode. If your idea is flowers don’t show a picture of flowers (we all know what flowers look like ;-) - show a FLOOR-CONCEPT based on flowers; how will it look like as floor, what colors will it have, what materials will it be made of, and what structure shall support the flower-visual.

Not everyone can be a flooring-expert. That is why the decision was made to change the prize money structure and give more power to the flooring experts of PARADOR. First of all the total €15.000 prize money, of course, will stay the same.

The change that is made is that there will be more power in the hands of the client. The direct community prize money will be now be €5000,- distributed as shown in the briefing above.

The rest of the prize money will be distributed by PARADOR in 5 times €2000,-. (they will announce those winners on the 4th of July)"

We really think this will help both you and the client in making this contest successful!

Looking forward to the second half.

Cheers, Jeroen

Thank you for feedback!

Yep, thanks for Feedback. :-)

Agree, thanks for the feedback :)

Great feedback from PARADOR - So i will upload some new and old ideas !

Very encouraging! More client influence definitely supports my commitment.

I agree!!! To get more useful results according to the brief it would be helpful to reduce the community price money and and to strengthen the influence of the customer. Not only in this contest. This is a general problem on jovoto! Too often not briefing conform ideas win the prices. This is very frustrating!!!!!


Thanks for this feedback. We will definitely take this in to account for projects that are coming up.

Cheers, Jeroen

Hei guyz! may be i am wrong, but i see that community influencse on prizes not a problam but main benefits of jovoto - desicions about prizes make thouthands of people and not only few people from jury. You never have a guarantee that jury member isnot stupid or something :D

Really intersting.. Thanks Mika..

Nice examples :) Thanks for sharing Mika!

Thanks Mika. Hopefully, Jovoto voters will look at these floors (which already exist) prior to voting up the same things in this contest.

Thanks mika for sharing this link - I just had a look and recognized that there are some very (very very!) similar entries here indeed! Guys, that´s really not what it should be about - I´m honestly disappointed cause I saw some submissions I thought they were so great and now I see they´re not half as creative and new I thought...

maybe they only had the same idea different from the existing. This can be happen everywhere and everytime. ;-)

I know from own experiences, that such can happen - somtimes the task just result automatically in similar ideas. But nevertheless we should consider it in our votings and in our helping comments if an idea already exists! I think there is no need to have a hundred versions of the very same idea - we designers should always go for some developments or at least new and better variations of already existing concepts. Here, idea-clones are useless for the client - so let´s keep this in mind...

that's a good idea about the 5 projects idea Mika , to make

sure the person is a credible vote and not just

someone's girlfriend or boyfriend trying to cheat

for someone

alsoI just looked at Parador's website, it is so beautiful

to our dear neighbours and new menbers from romania! very nice to see your beautiful works and creative input here... just one suggestion - it is much more fun and fair when you don't vote your ideas amongst each other and downrate other people to stay on top!

this is not how it works! please stay fair guys!

Hey Suyani,

Let's not pin this down on one specific group. I think that's a bit unfair. It's a universal problem that we are dealing with. Luckily it's getting easier to recognize this pattern with the hidden rank feature.

I will work more on rating monitoring today.

Cheers, Jeroen

Thanks again Jeroen. .and a good day to all!

at the address of suyani profile. i appreciate the dispair of trying to obtain a good place in this contest with jsuch a texture solution (corn i think) and all the false appreciative behavior towards other contestants. it's the first time i participate and i feel sick of this experience created by such people with ideas like this.

first - i am not interested to be abused as a subject of your projections ;) second - just in case you didn't had the time to reflect on my last comment, i post it again for you:

"first you love the idea than you dislike the idea now another useless comment... phew... did you understand what jovoto is about?

of course you already praised yourself as some kind of highly skilled god, you act like a genius and oviously, as we all know, genius have some kind of difficult psychologic patterns...

so please, i am just not interested in your comments anymore, please forgive me - i am just to ordinary for people like you ;))"

so these are my last words to you: i tried really hard to take you serious but now, please respect this - you and your false accounts are really bothering me...

and again i let you know that i wish you all the best for your great ideas and hope that you just come down and enjoy the flow of this amazing creative community - even most of the ideas are not as brilliant as yours...

I have explained you already, i change my vote but i dont give a bad vote.i consider i gave you to much for a texture floor created by a grafik-designer

i hope the project guide will see this insult "difficult psychologic patterns" of miss actzipild floor concept.success!

Strange animal detected..

the strange animal loves you. and there we go...the real band has been revealed! i salute you student girls!! instead of blaming your own failure you better learn how to think an idea from the start! i love your color squares ;)

now you definitely convinced me that you are a genius pasile!! it is one of my favorite songs indeed :-) respect! thank you ?

nice design colour hair, 8 bit?

Actually I didn't blame anything else than that it isn't nice to vote half of top 20 with a 1*, then writing sidemails to those you downrated with accusing them of cheating, then loving those ideas because you're blamed for it. And then again downrating. What do you think will happen while monitoring Vasile? First of all you should learn to read the guidelines. Would be a great advantage. Your behaviour will really show PARADOR how "professional" you are, yea, really.

i see you want to put me in bad light just overreacting without any proves. i think everybody changes the opinion depending on the updates. For your information i haven't given any 1*, but behaviors like yours seem a little perverted. If all comments start with "very nice idea" then that person has no clue about design and especially this contest.

you and your infantil band force in a way others competitors to forget about the real opinion and to copy your behevior just to have a chance.

good night pasile... something to read and think about... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection

let s put this link next to all your " wow, what a grat idea".good night my dear and good look. you need !

Is anyone else experiencing problem in uploading images? .. I am getting error while uploading..

hi szach

the way i uploaded images which made it easier was by clicking on right mouse button or area on top of image you would like to use

there should be save image as...

then you click on that ...

save it in your pictures, make sure it is jpg

then when you click upload media, it

should go to your pictures folder

then choose your image you saved

considering i'm no techie

i was lucky to figure this out

good luck

Thanks Courtnay.. really nice of you to respond.. I found out the problem was in my computer. Some scanner software was trying to connect to web whenever I uploaded images and my firewall was blocking it.. Disconnected it and now no problem.. Thanks once again and good luck with the contest :) Regards, Szach

...this brief has little time to develop new projects of paving

and again. . . Beware of foul players!

If it is any consolation, everyone knows that the member-based rating system on Jovoto is flawed and thus next to meaningless. Cheatas' gonna cheat! It seems best to just write it off and wait to see if the customer likes your stuff.... they are, obviously, the best informed.

My concept is playin´ Jojo since days ;-(

Everyone of mine too in a realy realy wide range. We only have to keep our heads up.

I guess Gizmo is right about this but I must admit that the last week of contest and also between was really sucking motivation. At least some of the foul players are obviously too stupid to hide what they're doing.

And again. . . . up and down and up and down and up and down and. . .thats the rule of the game. ;-)

can anyone tell me if comments made by other people

affect the voting process either by

companies or community because

there are sometimes people being

mean out of jealousy or stupidity

I really hope not, because I don't

think being rude is being helpful

Comments don't influence the ratings. :)

They won't direct affect your rates but certainly have an influence on the people that rate...so in that sense they kinda do affect the rates

Sorry to bring this here..if you, Courtnay, are referring to me, I don't know what to say. I MAY (may being the key word) have been harsh in my comments, I obviously offended you, I explained my reasoning,I apologized, you accepted (so I thought) you are still on it? sigh

@ courtnay, what also maybe could influence the rating even more is how you react on constructive criticism... nobody is against you! yes, sometimes comments bother us in a way, because we put a lot of love and energy in our works... yes, and sometimes we do need to explain things better, just because somebody else either doesn't get it or has another opinion! but this is also beautiful! to reflekt again your own way of thinking - it is all about learning and it is NEVER personal!

I have to agree suyani but sometimes comments are used to provoke or dismiss but these are a minimum of members.

Again, "Cheatas gona Cheat", and "Hatas gona Hate", and "Real" friends give good feedback to us rather than upvote bad ideas.

please don't talk to me , you are obviously jealous and

trying to bring my rating down, but

it is a good thing your ridiculous

comments don't matter

Let's calm down shall we. i don't think that Kijedi "attacked" you in an unfair way. She gave her opinion, explained to you why she didn't like the idea. No reason to state that that's ridiculous. As long as it's constructive I don't see a problem.

Cheers, Jeroen

lack of comments is far worse than negative comments. be thankful we have something to be angry about.

WOW! definitely a HUGE boom of fake voters today....its quite impressive

It's also really funny how it's always the same ideas that are loved...

I'm trying to follow every new voter I see. To make them a little parranoid or something.... It's not working though! :D

yeah i tried that tactic too...but did not seem to work either

:) Next step are "We are watching you!" messages...

haha I like that!

A very creative idea. Wish I had the time to dedicate to such an effort. But then, would rather spend my productive time coming up with new ideas and putting them into production. The pay is much better. :-)

Gizmotech, I hope you realize that this was said in a joking manner? :D You are right about productive use of ones time though... :/

I think what Tom meant was that it's better to invest the time coming up with new ideas than creating fake accounts

I think he was telling us to stop wasting time alking about fake voters. :) Whatever it is, I agree. I am still amused though. Maybe because of my new-ness here. :)

nice(",). ..we have our community detectives. . .great effort. ..should i say keep it up?.hehe have great day!

It is to be expected, for every online community/voting system, that there will be attempts to gaming it. The trick is to keep at neglible levels if possible. I don't want to praise jovoto too early, but they are doing a good job for now... Great day and good luck to you! :]

I think it would be better to remove the top twenty and top fifty to make it harder to target the top and sink them with false votes!!! we could at least make things a bit more difficult to fake voters ...

last night i was thinking about that issue too... i just asked myself if it would be possible to change the value of a vote depending on the karma the person has. i mean how is it possible that a person who got 169 karma points and maybe is somebody who doesn't even has a glue about the project or jovoto has the same value than of serious jovotans, working very hard and for a long time here in this community... phew... don't know if i explained myself...

I think it works well already: the vote of who has a higher Karma has a higher value. The problem is that the fake voters are so many!

I think that some trade-offs had to be made here, so the platform would be succsesfull. I would think that the voting should be allowed only after the project is closed for submissions, but that would have a negative impact on community interactions and "liveliness" of the platform I guess. It's the same thing with Top of the pops you mentioned. People love them. :)

Yes it would be nice to remove Top20 and 50. On the other hand, Mikas idea is also really nice. I think it would help if only users, that got at least one serious project here could vote.. Would also help against contestants friends. Also saw a lot of those.

@Platina Wouldn't that have a bad impact on the part of the community that is here just to enjoy design? Not everybody here is active creator...

Yes but they could still comment on those ideas and also look through them, as also giving advices.

@metaprotodrop: I think the key skill of jovoto is the production of creative ideas and voting is more a secondary aspect. By this way jovoto and the community got some benefits when new members have to upload for example 5 projects before it is possible to vote.

1.) No fake voter is abled the create an account and vote up to 150 Karma because it took a lot of time to create 5 ideas. 2.) Fake Voters can be identified by unserious projects. 3.) (Sorry for all new members) New members have to earn their right to vote and show their seriousness. 4.) The community is abled to support as watchdog in a better way. 5.) Jovoto get's more new ideas for their clients. ;-)

but you are right i have forgotten the inactive creators. ;-)

I agree in some points - but not to the point "jovoto get´s more ideas for the client" I believe "jovoto" must be careful not to become a junk shop - it is the class of ideas, not the mass - this was probably the reason of PARADOR amend immediately the distribution of the prize money - PARADOR immediately recognized the direction in which this competition runs and how the votes go - I think PARADOR was not very happy with the way this competition and with the - sometimes very underground ideas - and therefore the detailed feedback and the change of the prize money. But this is the right way - jovoto must get away from this childish voting - The client and / or a jury has to judge ideas and not just people who can operate a mouse, and otherwise have no knowledge of the job.

This must be the future of jovoto. Members only with own internet-sides - working and existing e-mails - An uploaded and maintained portfolio and the client / jury decides on his own projekt . Every member can comment but not vote. Even a small amount of money to join a project would remove all this fake and low level submissions.

This is my point of view................ ;-))

Yes but they could still comment on those ideas and also look through them, as also giving advices.

I think that only people that participate in the contest or had participate before should vote. I also think that many of jovotants are faking becouse I cant explain how an idea wich is in top 5 for more then 3 weeks fall to 15 and then to 22 in less then a day. And finaly I think that it is not normal to change prizes in the middle of the contest and supervisors of the contest to have favorites idea displyed until the end of voting sesion.

Dear Enderas.

  1. No, because there's also a serious group of creatives whoa are not creators.

  2. Yes, in this contest specific users signed up a serious amount of fake accounts... Most of them are already disabled, but hey no worries, all of them will be disabled with the next days before the re-rank. New users with no comments (or just copy and pasted "great idea"), only votes and karma just above 150 will go on false.

  3. This is indeed not the usual way. But the prize money didn't change, only the distribution of it.

Cheers, Jeroen

Dear Jvanboxtel 1. Why leaders don't fall together with all? 2. Why it they don't change from competition in competition? 3. Why you don't change vote system? Creation of false accounts is favorable to you?

Hey Jeroen, "specific users signed up a serious amount of fake accounts." It would be interesting to know who are there, dont you think? This way contest by contest we can build a new kind of karma points "the karma for fairness" which make more sense then the actual Karma! Think about it.

@induit 1. don't get it. Who falls together? What do you mean? 2. Change what from competition to competition? 3. No voting system is perfect, as you can read on our blog we are continually improving the system.

@wwwbangkok It would make some discussions indeed a lot easier. But the result would be a witch hunt, and I think that's bad for everyone involved. Lets just wait for the results, and you can do the math yourself. As described above, most of the fake voters in the project were easily recognizable.

Sure I know how to do the math by myself but only to my own rate. Nobody will know, except you, who was trying to game the rating system. Better go back to the old rating system for me.

Sorry, your right, my mistake. With the hidden ranks you indeed don't know what rank some ideas are now.

Hi. Jvanboxtel I point to that that the rating of all works falls and rises, but there are participants who don't change the leading positions NEVER! These people win constantly. If you don't notice it, it is very strange, isn't it?

A big thank you to everyone who collaborated , commented, critiqued ,encouraged and supported my ideas... and All the best to all the contestants.. Good luck!

To all cry babies that only wanted to win something, they should first think about their ideas and how brilliant they were in fact, and perhaps they weren't even for top 50. Related to those who believe they have been sabotaged, I understand that beacause like many i'm one of them. My solution always fallen. We all know that the voting system is very bad. and constrain the false and sweet appreciation. should not see anything, no comment no stars, nothing .. only vote once .. after all and made updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to congratulate all participants who have worked and have not put a picture!!!!

Pasile.. This was my way of thanking those who took time out to comment..or help me out with critiques or suggestions and by collaborating with me... and it was sincerely meant.. :)

About falling ratings.. I too have experienced that...

What is this? http://parador.jovoto.com/ideas/22272 PARAQDOR 8 BIT how is possible in a contest that only wants to attract innovative imagination based on professionalism this tiny colored squares (TV studio) to be so appreciated?? through what efforts? and they also complain about that! INCREDIBIL......

You had all the time to give constructive feedback. You choose not to, and comment "nice, excellent, beautiful ,etc, etc ".

ironic appreciation.and she knew(she not said ..thank you,normal)

But you shouldn´t give ironic appreciations - they are not helpful and not fair/nice! Next time make that better ;-)

next time be careful and come with a good idea!

You´re welcome ;-D

Good work everyone!!!!! Many great ideas developed throughout the contest!

Nice work Jeroen...from what I've seen about 90% of the fake voters have been found which is really great! (they are pretty obvious)

By the way Parador 8 BIT is a great idea!!!!

Jep, realy good work from everyone.

Don't forget about the rest which votes also bad to manipulate the ranking and are no fake voters. This type is a little bit more tricky and I hope Jeroen get's them all. I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;-)))

Agree, great work in this contest. And great work Jeroen did so far! And thanks a lot, Kathleen :)

it is weird to see that after she has been so "nice" with everybody all along, after a comment related to her idea to call me an animal. i wonder what can we understand out of thisI maybe wrong with the critics, It is frustrating to see how everybody shows super positive feedback and the votes don’t reflect that. I any case, I want to congratulate again and for the last time the ones that trully worked for this contest, no matter the rivalries. I'm tired...success to everyone!!

I just want to say a big big thanks to the jovoto-team! we shouldn't forget that THEY are the ones who make it possible that all of us have the great chance to share our ideas with others and show them to clients we would never ever get in contact with without jovoto!

jovoto is constantly improving the voting system - they care!

and it is embarrassing that they are most of the time busy searching and detecting false voters!

and the ones who shout out the most that everything is oh so unfair are the ones who should look at themselves!

and the ones who think they are too good for jovoto and only their ideas are so genuis: please feel free to leave this space! - you suck!

jovoto is on fire. .but it feels good that issues are recognized and efforts to solve it was there. ..and it is appreciated.(",)a real community..

Congrats to the winners............ ;-)

This was relativly fast. Congratulations to everyone! :)

Jury choices will be announced on Monday!

I mean client choices ;)


Hi Jeroen! There is news from the jury?

Yes. blogpost going online in 20 minutes ;)

Wow the rates are so close to one another!

This was really fast, I m stunned. Thank you jovoto team and Parador for realizing this project!

Ariadne did his job and hel You and Theseus to find his way out to nr 1.

Congrats! to all the winners....

same here.congrats. .great job!(",)

Wow, this really was fast! Didn't expect this before next week! Thanks a lot to the Jovoto team!

Congrats to all the winners : )

congrats to everybody! winners and jovoto team! More competitions like this?

Just follow the Blog :) Upcoming public projects are announced there.

Great great project! Congrats to all the participants and major congrats to the winners! :)

Congrats to the winners!

wonderful project, i never knew flooring was so interesting , congrats to everybody

Thank you so much Jovoto and Parador for this great contest!!!! :)

Congrats! to Peter, Miriam, Alexsander, Madametamtam and Kathleen the jury prize winners...... :)

congrats to the community winners, sorry there i have some concerns...

but big congrats for the good client's choice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrtats to the jury-price winners.

Big thanks to everybody involved! This was a great experience! :)

Are Sold Ideas yet to be announced, or ... ?

No. This usually isn't decided so fast.

congrats to the winners!

what is sold ideas? I thought competition or project was over?

Have these already been chosen?

Hey Guys,

Just a quick heads up. We just had contact with Parador and they will give us their final project feedback by the end of August!

Cheers, Jeroen

Great! Thanks for this final feedback! :-)))

Hello hello! Just a quick one to find out whether Parador are still going to give us that final feedback.

Any more design projects soon?????

Any news from Parador?

Heads up,

Here's an update from Parador!

"Dear jovoto Community,

We still haven't decided which ideas we will realize. We need some more time to evaluate and test the most promising submissions. In general, the project was a huge success for us. Within the 184 submissions there are at least 40 ideas we see potential in. At the moment we are internally evaluating our favorite 10-15 ideas. In the beginning of December we will finally decide which ideas we will realize. In general our decision is in line with the community ranking.

Thanks to the jovoto community for your comments, your votes and especially your ideas."

Wow! 40 ideas with potential and 10-15 being looked into.. great! Good luck everyone.. :)

Any news from the client ? :)

We had contact with the client today. I think we can give a proper news update in 2 weeks!


Dear all, Parador just license two ideas: Storage floor from Kakel and Sugarcane from suyani. Congratulations!

Congrats! Kathleen and Miriam :)

damn cool! big congrats!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally! :] Bravo, girls! ongratulations!

thank you so much everybody for your support! i am so so happy!

Thanks a lot guys! I am so very happy too!!!! :D