PARADOR 8-Bit | Let's play Retro Games (Work in progress and updated)
Using 8-bit formed/simple squared shapes for thte flooring of the future


This concept will contain a few steps to make the possibilities (combinations/designs) and areas of usage visible.

First of all the question is, which target group this idea relates to.
Since PARADOR delivers it's goods to building centers - besides selling it online I chose private use in the first line. To make the tiles attractive for a wide range of customers I use strong colors (children, students, age 5 - 25) as well as textured wood tiles (age 20 - 50+). The tiles can find use in every room, even if it is a small one because of the compact shape. Because of the Nanoclay protecting cover, it's also suited for public spaces, since it's highly sustainable.

Additional to that I think it's important to produce tiles that offer an indirect light possibilty - also for private areas, by low costs.

A few thoughts about future flooring.

1st  step: Tiles (colors/shape/size/material - characteristics)
                Enlightment tiles (explanation - production - Final Product)
2nd step: Design & combination possibilities (8-Bit, Minimalistic, Tetris, Space     Invaders)
3rd step: Packaging possibilities
4th step: Making the product more interesting for customers (let them tetris/design their floor)
5th step: Keep trees sustainable

8-Bit Tiles..
can be used in many different combinations. They should have a size of  25cmx25cm and offer many different colors.

Color chart (no textures): Fire/Cyan/Pink/Sun/Orange/Lime/Purple
Wood chart (texture and color): Black/White/Walnut/Canyon (slightly red)/Teak/Amber/Sand/Dark Grey (obvious texture)/Wolf/Stone

The tiles can be made out any material (e.g. MDF but also massive wood). Because of the combination/design possibilities, massive wood (e.g. Oak) would be an advantage.
In addition to the normal tiles without special functions, the Enlightment series provide the function of indirect light, by having glowing edges.
The concept is quite simple.
The size is the same as the 8-Bit tiles have.
Though, Enlightment tiles contain a wooden rail, (L-Form - front and right border of each tile) in which 3 LED's per border are integrated (that is enough since LED's are quite effective and long lasting). In front of the LED's a really thin sheet of acrylic glass/Makrofol (flexible) will take place. The acrylic glass will let the emitted light flow. The edges will be roughened on the upper, so that the light is concentrated and let out there.

The wooden rail will be connected to a slot (Nut) of the tile itself. Therefore the tiles of the Enlightment series have to contain a slot (Nut) above the clicksystem (aprox. 5mm deep/thick). LED's are avaiable in quite small sizes to make sure it fits.

The LED's are connected to each other via a cable. The cable leads to plugs and sockets that are connected to each other by sliding the tiles into each other. To make the sliding process possible, the plugs and sockets must have an angle of aprox. 45°.

At the end of flooring the customer can easily connect the connector to a socket in the room as all the edges begin to glow. By providing and inventing a control device the customer could choose which edges should glow as well as it's intensitiy.

Design and combination
8- Bit flooring:
The tiles can be combinated to the customers wishes. By using bright colors (Ocean/Ice/PureWhite) this could be very suitable for minimalistic room designs.

Tetris Flooring:
The Tetris Flooring contains 3 Editions:
1. Tetris Original: which is designed in the original Tetris Colors
2. Tetris Elegance: which is designed by using different wood types
I. Brown to beige colorchart (natural)
II. Black to white colorchart (painted)
3. Tetris Enlightment: attaching LED's to the borders of each Tile (The Enlightment tiles therefore have a small slot above the interlock system customized to the LED size). A really thin sheet (like 1-2 mm strength) of either Makrofol or Plexiglass will be put in front of the LED's and carry the light and let it float to the outside borders. By scratching the edge surface the light will be let out. This is usually used for billboard writing on Plexiglass.

The packaging is easy, since 8 tiles are about 1qm. That offers also a lot of combination possibilities while not having to buy too much.

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