Sense & Sensibility
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What is the next step in flooring, and in particular, wooden and laminate flooring?

A Mixture of Materials from material-based on surface textures will be integrated in the living environment. A Combination of different surface areas creates sensible living area Zones with varying surfaces offering tactile experiences (e.g. through haptic embossings, cuts, texturings etc.). Ground becomes an Adventure Trail of Senses � stimulating and sensible by walk-through the living space.

What are the ideal properties for the flooring of the future?

Surfaces are characterized by attributes appealing-to-the-senses: elevated Areas, cut-outs, refined Structures create living Floor Landscapes, which integrate in the living area and are physically perceptible the same time.

What additional benefits/functions, such as lighting, sensor technology�.etc. could the flooring offer?

Floor surfaces are more than only Ornaments � they become experienceable Foot Paths: they help activating and stimulating sensible plantar Areas, sustain physical well-being and strengthen health.

Floor Surfaces considering Living Spaces and fit naturally into habitualities of Use of Space (e.g. the way from sleeping area to the bathroom: floor texturings stimulating the foot reflex zones walking along the path � the health benefit happens effortlessly with daily routine and the massage brings body, spirit and soul into harmony.

What should the flooring look like in regard to sustainability aspects and which materials should it be made from?

Simple, clear and straight Materials take affect by their own purity. Patterns result from light and shadow modeling, floor surfaces appear in motion, always flexible in change. By creating different floor Areas with different surface structures (e.g. �embossed� textures or different height layers), each Room situation can be designed in accordance with its use.

What new challenges arise from the changing landscape of home and living?

Floor is no longer simply a ground on which we walk without notice. Health, Well-being, Ralaxation are at the very fore when we think about Arrangement of Living Spaces and Interior Design. Floor Covering is yesterday � the future is Floor Concepts: like a comfortable piece of  furniture, Flooring Surfaces should assist its user as a supportive and tangible Object.

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Which problem does your idea solve?

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How does your idea solve the problem?

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What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

Health Supporting by Stimulation of Foot Reflex Zones

Which materials are you using and why?

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Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

Naturality, Modelling through Light/Shadow and Structure, visually and haptically perceptible