lenticular effect for flooring


please take a look to all of the pictures to get the idea.

lenticular effect: i don't know how to explain it easily (... in english) but i think you all know it. do you know these postcards which you can change the angle a little bit by holding it in your hands and the picture on it is changing. its like two different pictures (or colours) printed on the same card and by changing the angle you can see either one of the pictures. thats the idea. (so far)

Which problem does your idea solve?

Floor that changes colour / pattern / material by changing the angle of view.

How does your idea solve the problem?

lenticular effect : by defining two colours / patterns / materials

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

i see the floor mostly for commercial use. could be used in retail / fair / exhibition design. imagine for example a logo or brandname or colours of Corporate Identity.

Which materials are you using and why?

synthetic material with printed and/or embossed structure /

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