origami floor
Origami system for floor


The application of origami - floor can be quite extensive.
1. It is possible to change the color of the floor in the interior
2. Can be used to store energy in a passive house.
3. It is possible to use sex in a system of interior lighting.

Change the color of the floor in the interior.
My long experience designer interiors shows that floor is the most static part of the interior.
The ability to use the system for floor origami will create a new kind of floor without changing it.
These changes may be associated with festive events.

Seasonal change in color of the floor to save energy in the passive house.
For a system of passive house is important to the maximum use of natural resources.
 You can use the ability of the surfaces of dark color to absorb sunlight and heat for the winter period and the ability to reflect of white surface rays of the sun for the summer.

Using the EL panel to create local lighting floor.

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