Design: music notes & piano keys (Work in progress)
A design that could be used for laminate. Everyone loves music, why not flooring it?


Actually there is no floor design that could be interesting for music lovers. That's why I came up with this design. To make it interesting for more target groups, there are different options to realise it.

1. Using B/W reverse
2. Using different colors like dark green notes on brighter green underground or many other color combinations (could be used for children but also for young people)
3. Using different wood optics
4. Printing note sheets in laminate
(This option could be interesting for those who love classic. How about having Schuberts Ave Maria printed on your floor? Or maybe Beethovens For Elise?)

The Music Edition could be used in Studiorooms as well and therefore fills a market gap in this case.

More details regarding material and production coming soon..

How does your idea solve the problem?

Noten-/Piano-/Notenblattoptik wird auf Laminat gedruckt.

Which materials are you using and why?

MDF Laminat, jedoch DPR-Laminatdrucktechnik

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