FLOORoSENSE is a system of Panels that can sense your presence.


Floors are the most important components of the human habitable environs , thanks to Gravity.

Imagine a floor which senses your presence and can help you customize your daily chores by tracking you and can also save your life in case of a calamity by letting the rescue team know about your location.
FLOORoSENSE is system of independent singular panels with a sensors and nano transmitters and powered by pressurized Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF).(Will ellaborate more later)

The system can be used in public spaces for crowd monitoring ,at home to let your smart housing system know that you have arrived and can also check your vitals.

It can also be used in sensitive areas where public presense is restricted and it cannot be disabled easily as each panel behaves independently.

Which problem does your idea solve?

Lack of information is a key reason for major loss of human life in face of calamities. for example: locating people under debris etc....

How does your idea solve the problem?

FLOORoSENSE technology system can keep track of the movement of people and crowd, and it can save history of their location.

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

Collecting multi-utility data on people using the floor and using for home or space automation technologies and for securing sensitive areas.

Which materials are you using and why?

Can use traditional materials but also Currently researching the possibilities of face changing and /or digitally manipulative options in material technology...will update soon

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

Depending on the materials decided the idea would either be to have a certain patterns or a possibility to make the floor digitally versatile.