therapeutic touch
therapeutic touch for anyone who want quality of vibrant living


A therapeutic design identity of flooring for children, the whole family and older people where they could enjoy the quality of vibrant living. A product that can cater both private and public spaces.

1. What is the next step in flooring, and in particular, wooden and laminate flooring?


2.  What are the ideal properties for the flooring of the future?

- Ideal properties for flooring of the future would be soft and textured that has Therapeutic effect.

3. What additional benefits/functions, such as lighting, sensor technology�.etc. could the flooring offer?

- The product will function as floor lamp. And could be an aid to individual�s Circadian Rhythm.

4.  What should the flooring look like in regard to sustainability aspects and which materials should it be made from?

- The flooring would be a sustainable product where materials would come from renewable sources and should be biodegradable.  Plant material would be the best choice, like �Water Lily� and Rubber tree. A concept that does not allow for any use of tropical timbers.

5.  What new challenges arise from the changing landscape of home and living?

- The challenge on changing landscape of home and living is to give us a chance to escape from our daily demanding schedule and to feel the comfort in our home.

Which problem does your idea solve?

The concept provides healthier and sustainable product.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Therapeutic touch as a design concept, physical touch is added to enhance more our sense of well being. Sustainable materials, and a technology like weaving will lessen the use of unhealthy chemicals.

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

Children, the whole family and older people will have a healthier way of living because of the designed product.

Which materials are you using and why?

Water lily as a primary choice material for the reason that it is renewable, biodegradable and weaving is possible making it more sustainable material. And other plants that have these 3 qualities.

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

Aesthetic for the product will follow nature and even small, small and chic pattern.

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