the visible radiant heat flooring system
he visible radiant heat flooring system


radiant heat floor systems are a great way to save energy cost.  however they are inconvenient and expensive to retrofit into older construction.  

so we propose a modular system that rides above the base floor as floor tiles.  the active elements of the system will be made purposely visible both to indicate proper function and also for visual interest and beauty.  

the coloured liquid heat transfer medium gets circulated through the floor from the roof where the sun heats the liquid thus warming the room.  in hot weather, the circulation is instead routed to pipes buried below the ground to cool the liquid and take away heat from the room.  the natural temperature change mechanisms can of course be complemented by more common electric ones.

the tiles will be made of semi transparent glass.  the integrated pipes are also glass and attach to the adjacent tile by special silicone compression fittings which are also transparent.  the end result is a modernist floor with subtle movement just below the surface.  we can supplement this with variable bottom lighting which will add an adjustable glow to the room.


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