a flooring concept which generates its beauty through scratches


When I watch at my flooring, which is pretty scratched, I think that these marks give our flat a special look. And I must admit, I like this look, it is sympathic and gives each room some vividness.
The idea is to concept a multilayered and multicolor flooring which developes its design through scratches and use. First the floor has a single color, but after a while the other layers come to sight and a colorful pattern developes.
And the best about it is, that you will love your floor the more broken it is. Which makes it also ecologically because you wont buy every few years a new one. The more youll scratch it, the more unique it gets!

Which problem does your idea solve?

it extends the product life of a parquet floor / it gives the location a special look / maybe it changes the way you think about used products, if something is used or broken does not mean that it can`t be beautiful

How does your idea solve the problem?

it changes your mind, you want a broken floor or as Olena wrote as a comment: disadvantage becomes advantage! (thanks for that expression Olena)

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

its unique, its fresh, it`s variable - the target group could be shops, bars, boutiques, cafes, restaurants everything where a large fluctuation is given

Which materials are you using and why?

main layer wood veneer, second or thir layer colored mdf, phenol resin or wood-polymer-composites

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

build your own aesthetic or better - scratch your own...

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