Natural latex / Recycled memory foam flooring
Natural latex / Recycled memory foam flooring


Natural latex and memory foam (polyurethane) found their purpose in our beds in the form of mattresses and pillows ... that comfort can be transferred to the floor, to our feet.

It�s important that it can be made from natural material such as natural latex or from  recycled mattresses and pillows.

Which problem does your idea solve?

Above all, feeling tired and heavy legs, thus the whole body. Then problems of cold floors where children play. And no less important, problem of accumulation of used items from this material.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Surface that adapts to your body, which provides warm floors where children can play comfortably. Flooring, which can easily be washed in a washing machine. Floors that are a result of recycling.

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

Users who have experienced the benefits of this material in their beds, will definitely want to have these floors, and make the eight hours sense (sleeping) extend throughout the day.

Which materials are you using and why?

Natural latex or Polyurethane (Memory foam)

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

This floor is relatively of neutral character, but has a sense of modern futuristic interior.