INEX - Interior & Exterior Flooring-System
INEX Flooring-System is based on a moderate thermal modification of wood and creates a new ...


Solution! A conceptionaldesignapproach for a resource converversation - designprocess upcoming soon.

Replacing fossil fuels by renewable raw materials wherever this is realistic!  Industrial oppurtunities -wow wow- would grow!

  1. Wood as material is gaining more importance for construction and decorative applications ever before.
  2. We don't want to live in a world full of plastics, toxic and hazardous materials surrounding our everyday life. Especially not at home.
My flooring concept uses NATWOOD. It outperforms thermo wood significantly when it comes to brinell hardness, screw withdrawal resistance, breakage resistance and tensile modulus.
In 2010 the patented treatment was awarded the IBR seal of approval at Institute for Constructional Biology, Rosenheim.

Disadvantages concerning toxic or hazardous components and materials are removed by the NATwood procedure efficiently.

The NATwood technology is a material and moderate thermal modification of wood.
The technology improves the properties of soft- and solid wood by pressing natural substances into the cell walls and cavities of the wood. A blend of molten natural resin and wax is pressed into the wood matrix under the
influence of pressure.
The optimum loading conditions must be determined by testing the type of wood to be employed. For many common types of wood the loading conditions
are already known.

By this NATwood process the wood is harder by up to 60%. Also, the swelling and shrinkage is reduced by up to 50%. The resulting thermal NATwood wood is far superior in its properties (hardness, swelling and shrinkage) of the natural wood.

The thermal NATwood Wood is the ideal material for use in bathrooms, spa and outdoor areas - public and private.

Which problem does your idea solve?

It's a Green product and can be defined as a product with low toxicity, minimal chemical emissions, ability to be recycled, and durability - sustainability.

How does your idea solve the problem?

does not contain toxic or irritating substrates that may adversely affect users' health and surrounding environments

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

People are more likely to purchase and/or consume products that are less harmful to the environment - better - it makes them happy!

Which materials are you using and why?

wood, natural resins and wax

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

pure natural! can affect the indoor environmental quality for sure ;)