The design was based upon the idea of a Beehive cell development and the use of new technologies.


Design Inspiration.

The design was based upon the idea of ??a cell development. Taking for granted that our society is composed of many independent single cell plants, (considered as people) that coexist and cooperate in a given environment.

The selection and implementation of the cell in the form of a hexagonal shape of a beehive as a natural, organic design, although it has been reused as a design idea, gives the impression of the basis of a society where a group of individuals work together in a confined space, coexist and cooperate to achieve a common goal.

The study, based on the organic crystal structure of the cell of the beehive as an outer casing, applied onto the primordial shape of the sphere, symbolizes the earth as well as the existences of a given environment, a society, in which people live cooperate and coexist.

The primordial shape of the sphere, or otherwise in our case, hemisphere creates a 'type' bioclimatic building.

The steel construction, combined with the implementation of polycarbonate material (, ) as transparency, combines the robustness and lightweight of the construction and light transmission. The construction offers a balanced environment protected from the prevailing external weather condition giving the subconscious feeling of, being outside but protected, freedom and wellbeing to every visitor.

The creations of the outer cellular casing is versatile and provides the ability of partial or total coverage of an existing or newly constructed building or even build up new in total. Another way could be that the multiplex building together with the outer casing (without the accommodation) to be connected with an already existing building by bridging or underpass or stairways that could serve the purpose of the hotel. Due to the versatility of the construction we decided to present a construction that houses the multiplex together with the hotel as a small scale construction.

The creation of a multiplex divided in four by a crossroad way, symbolizing the four edges of the world, which intersect at the center of the building and unites in every flour as the union of civilizations from the four corners of the world.

The addition of natural elements of water and greenery, in many places within the cellular structure, provide the ideal conditions of a healthy natural environment within the urban area of New York and give a sense of relaxation.


Concept in increasing the interaction of visitors

The creation of a multiplex in coexistence with the Hotel under the same cellular roof provides a direct contact and mixing of tourists with the workers and locals. The aim is to house various activities and services able to attract the largest possible number of different visitors and to meet most needs possible.


Offices, shops, library, gallery, diverse nationality restaurants and bars, are conventional pulling poles to potential visitors and are suggested to be used on this project.

 In our quest of trying to utilize the technology provided in our days, we realized the importance and the popularity social networks are currently enjoying by a vast population of the world (,, etc.).

The creation of a new platform based upon existing social network pages provides each guest the opportunity to create or submit from an already existing social network account a personal database of information and interests that wants to share with others.

The program with given the ability of searching features of interest will be uploaded and available to every visitor within the complex, accessible from stands in all floors, hotel rooms and from privet computers via Wi-Fi Hotspot.

The combined easy access from all users and with the help from existing technologies such as (iBar ® , Eclipse ® , Aurora , Vortex of or other similar technologies) used in stands and hotel rooms, will accelerate the ability of finding people with common characteristics and interests and enhance the opportunity of communicating with others.

Thus the interpersonal contact and the exchange of interests and ideas can be achieved in the above mentioned conventional pulling poles of attraction in a very short period of time (Bars, restaurants, etc.).



Analysis of the project

The choice of the size of the design we decided to present, was selected on the basis that there are no information provided to determine general dimensions even though the location is limited to the southern part of New York and close to 23rdAvenue. The scale of the construction, although small presents an interest ratio, potentially to be used in different ways, dimensions and even shapes.


In our case, we choose to present a four floor building, with the external casing, divided in four sections as mentioned above. All four divided sections are connected with each other with an ellipsoid shape bridge above the center of the crossroad. At the first floor the bridge supports a tree at the center of it and a bar that surrounds the tree. The insertion of a tree symbolizes a single person with the branches of the tree symbolizing the several interconnections a person can have with others, serving different purposes in a given environment in life time. Ground floor, third floor and 4rth flour as well as the bridge part at first floor are used to house and cover the needs in space of commercial center with coffee places, restaurants, shops, small offices etc. And first and second floors are used for covering the needs of the hotel.

Which problem does your idea solve?

Connection of travelers with locals with conventional pulling poles existing social networks and the use of new technologies

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