Deconstructing the floor to create a floor-wall/ floor-partition or floor furniture combine..


Egersis -meaning resurrection or rise- redefining flooring.
a) Modular floor with 3d shape floor pieces that can form half height ,full height partitions. The concept is based on self supporting structures with the floor, wall
and ceiling forming a stable structure. The floor panels are linked ( tounge and groove joinery based )to the partition  structures which is connected to side wall and ceiling.
(that may be expanded with additional pieces to form some sort of shelves.).
The other option is for more panels to be slotted in above a lower height module to reach full height.. 
b)Modules with  incorporated furniture 
c) Modules with raised slot/slide in projections for glass panels or other decorative boards. This can be a narrow panel or a part of larger flooring panel..
d) Modules with low height projections, contours on sides.. that can form sort of pathway flows in more open areas..
e) Modules that have raised electrical outlets points (for office spaces) 
Deconstructing the floor to create a floor wall or floor furniture combine. 
Integrating the electrical wiring and lighting into the modules.. in x ,y and z directions.
Normally floors get damaged when partitions are fixed using screws and the next time u rent the space, the layout changes and the flooring has to be changed.. this modular floor allows the designer to incorporate the partitions, furniture, wiring and lighting into the flooring.. because it is modular all u have to do is rearrange..or get a new module to fit in.. 
Joints similar to wood joints...
Options can be with or without floor panel lighting..


Which problem does your idea solve?

Allows rearrangement of layouts..and laying of wires and lighting

How does your idea solve the problem?

By being modular and because of incorporation of partition/wall or furniture into flooring module

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

Many permutations of space arrangements is possible..They can now do flooring and partitioning and furniture layout at the same time along with wiring and lighting..saving time. No damage to sub floor or floor because the partition aluminium channel is fixed to a special floor chanel.

Which materials are you using and why?

Post consumer recycled plastic, plastic wood composite,/wood/laminate flooring with decorative boards for wall panelling and multicolor led strips or others.

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

Pantone colors and wood textures..