i thank all the people that watched my solutions, even though they didn't fully appreciate them.

Visual solution

Which problem does your idea solve?

This concept creates a multifunctional space. Restaurant=night club classroom= indoor sport centre In case a space with this type of floor functionality is sold, the beneficiary can easily remove this furniture and transform it into simple flooring.

How does your idea solve the problem?

The floor can be a revolutionary idea in solving the maximisation of the space in both private and public by hidding the furniture straight into the floor. With very simple assembly and maintenance the floor can be transformed into modern chairs and tables or other furnishings. Through this innovative idea famous chairs and tables may be reproduced rising from the floor. A special touch is added by the choice of hidding the furnishing straight into the floor through its unique design.

Which materials are you using and why?

The main advantage of this solution is that any type of the current production of wood from the field or other material (concrete, epoxy resins, tiles, plastic, etc) or other more technical solutions from the contest(the wooden shapes may be embedded in any type of horizontal solution). This furniture will always be made of wood combined with the rest of the floor that may be made of different materials than wood, so that from the aesthetical point of view we could play with different textures.

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

In private spaces the concept is based on the reproduction of famous furniture. In public spaces the furniture may be easily camouflaged in the same texture or in contrary may have a design from the surface shapes embedded (squares, circles, rectangular combined into a composition)